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Daniel Love - The Lucid Guide

I'm a sleep specialist and lucid dreaming teacher who helps people to harness the amazing psychological and lifestyle benefits of sleep, dreams and lucid dreaming.

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Lucid Dream Tuition

If you want to learn how to lucid dream with the reassurance that you're getting the guidance of one of the world's leading lucid dreaming teachers, then join me for personal lucid dream tuition.  


I've written multiple books on the psychology of sleep and lucid dreams, including the incredibly popular international bestseller "Are You Dreaming?". 

The international bestselling lucid dreaming guidebook.
Absolutely everything you need to know about lucid dreaming.  

Dreaming accounts for roughly 11% of our daily experience. That's an awful lot of wasted time! Lucid dreaming allows you to harness your dreams for adventure, self-exploration, and psychological growth.

In my bestselling and comprehensive lucid dreaming guidebook, I'll guide you step-by-step through everything you'll need to know to get started on your journey into lucid dreaming.  


Sleep and Dream Guidance

  • Had a dream you don't understand?

  • Dealing with sleep issues you'd like to solve? 

  • Want to maximise the benefits of sleep?

I offer science-based sleep & dreaming guidance and dream analysis (the rational alternative to dream interpretation) to help you to maximise the benefits of sleep. 

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Join me on YouTube for a fun and eclectic exploration of lucid dreaming and the mysteries of the mind! 
You'll find regular lectures, tutorials and "edutainment" videos covering a wide range of fascinating topics.

Lucid Dream Portal channel members get even more!
With a
channel membership you'll gain access to regular live Q&A sessions, community livestreams, premium content, over 300 exclusive videos, and two complete lucid dream courses!.

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Lucid Dream Podcast

The world's premium lucid dreaming podcast!

Join me for regular lucid dreaming lessons and insights in my premium podcast.

The Lucid Dream Podcast is where I take a deeper-dive into the subtleties of the psychology of sleep and dreaming.

Unique & exclusive lucid dreaming insights you'll not find anywhere else online!

Lucid Dream Store

Lucid products for a lucid life. Choose from our selection of ebooks, meditations, and more...

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Free Resources

There's plenty to see and do here on The Lucid Guide website. Take a look around for detailed lucid dream technique tutorials, articles, and much more...

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