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(It's good for the mind)

Are you dreaming book cover

1. Core Syllabus
Are You Dreaming?

Understand the core principles of lucid dreaming and beyond.
Expand your knowledge. 

Are You Dreaming? is Daniel Love's bestselling comprehensive lucid dreaming guidebook, covering everything you need to get started and a wealth of knowledge to transform your dreams.

Start here! 


lucid the tao of dreaming book cover

2. Meditation & Mindfulness.
Lucid: The Tao of Dreaming

Explore the deeper philosophy of lucid dreaming and lucid living. 


Calling on the principles of Zen, Taoism and minimalism, Daniel Love will take you on a creative journey into the philosophy of mindful awareness and its applications towards a simple and meaningful life. 



Studies in Dreams. By Daniel Love book cover

3. Historical Perspective.
Studies in Dreams

Explore a unique historical perspective on dream studies and lucid dreaming. 

Studies in Dreams shares rare and  fascinating insights from a bygone era.

Fully digitally remastered, this lucid dreaming classic is highly recommended for a deeper understanding of the study of dreams.

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