Frequently asked questions

What is lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is a learnable skill in which you become aware that you are dreaming while dreaming. In other words, you'll dream during the night while maintaining a conscious awareness that it is all a dream. This knowledge allows you the amazing ability to take control of your dreams and to dream what you wish.

It is a fascinating exploration of the universe of the mind and a unique tool for self-exploration and understanding. The skills of lucid dreaming transfer to almost all aspects of waking life, allowing for a more aware and fulfilling life.

What is lucid dream training?

Lucid dream training is the development of the fascinating and complex ongoing skillset of a lucid dreamer. It is the training of both mind and body in order to maximize your awareness in both the dreaming and waking world.

What is a lucid dreaming guide?

A lucid dream guide could also be called a lucid dreaming coach or lucid dream teacher. They are someone with a firmlyestablished knowledge of the subject and who is experienced in the many techniques and training methods required to develop the skills of lucid dreaming.
Much like a personal fitness trainer or life coach, a lucid dreaming teacher will provide insightful knowledge, feedback, and training in order to advance your skills in lucid dreaming and lucid living.

In other words, a personal trainer of the mind!
Your lucidity guide will offer personalized, non-judgmental advice based on a direct relationship and observation of your understanding and progress.

Do I need lucid dream tuition?

This is entirely down to personal preference. As with a personal physical-fitness coach, for many lucid dream coaching can offer a huge boost in motivation, understanding, and results.

The Lucid Guide also offers books and free videos all of which can be used effectively for lucid dream induction. However, often an experienced second pair of eyes can make all the difference.

A dream coach can cut through any misinformation, bad practices, and point out those excuses that we all make to ourselves ("I'll do my reality checks tomorrow").

Why use a lucid dream coach?

  • If you feel you have reached a stand-still in your personal training and are not seeing the results you'd like.
  • You would prefer a tailored approach rather than the "one size fits all" style of lucid dreaming workshops, retreats, books, and websites
  • You appreciate well considered, professional and focused feedback for your individual needs.
  • You need additional motivation or appreciate the motivational boost that the accountability of personal training provides.
  • You want to be certain the information you receive is scientifically accurate, effective, and relevant.
  • For expertise that will help you achieve your lucid dreaming goals in a shorter timeframe
  • You want a more social lucid dreaming experience. A lucid dreaming tutor is a companion on your journey, someone with whom you can share your highs, lows, and achievements.

Why choose Daniel Love as your lucid dreaming teacher?

I've been an active lucid dreaming researcher, content producer, author, and tutor for over two decades. I have dedicated my life to the study and teaching of lucid dreaming in the most honest and thoughtful manner possible. I have invented multiple popular lucid dreaming techniques, written one of the world's most respected and best selling lucid dreaming guidebooks, founded the annual worldwide event "World Lucid Dreaming Day", and hosted the world's very first lucid dreaming workshops in Virtual Reality (VR). Through my books , videos , workshops , media appearances , and seminars I have taught hundreds of thousands of lucid dreamers, helping them to advance their skills and understanding of lucid dreaming. My students come from all walks of life and span the globe, offering me unique insights, data, and feedback that allows me to more precisely understand and match your personal needs.

I have been a lucid dreamer since the age of 5; I am not a "natural" lucid dreamer and my early childhood was a personal journey and exploration into the development and fine-tuning of these skills.

My entire adult life has been dedicated solely to the promotion and understanding of lucid dreaming. I am a trusted voice in the field and have acted as a consultant and presenter for established media organizations around the globe. I strive to remain an independent and honest voice in the industry.

But don't just take my word for it. Dr. Keith Hearne , the scientist responsible for undertaking the first scientific study that proved lucid dreaming as a verifiable state, and the inventor of the world's first lucid dreaming machine has this to say: "I consider Daniel to be the most authentic and comprehensive lucid dreaming teacher of our time. He follows in my footsteps in the search for ultimate truth through the exploration of our limitless inner universe." - Dr. Keith Hearne

My tuition is thorough, honest and effective.I detest hype and will never make unrealistic or hyperbolic claims about the effectiveness of lucid dream tuition - each dreamer has their own unique challenges and will develop at their own rate.

Your ability to succeed will always be in direct proportion to the investment of time and energy you place on your practices. Lucid dreaming is no different from any other skill in these regards.

My lucid dream training has always received glowing feedback and the vast majority of those who undertake my tuition will achieve a lucid dream, or a significant improvement in their existing lucid dreaming skills, in a considerably shorter time than would be expected through self-training. My fees are affordable and realistic.

I strive to keep my lucid dreaming training affordable to anyone who is interested in advancing their skills. I have matched my prices to be in-line with similar training offered by skilled professionals in other fields of study (such as yoga, musical training, or personal fitness).

I believe in fair pricing, neither too low to be untrustworthy and unprofessional nor unrealistically overpriced. My current rate is £75 an hour, this includes follow-up questions via our student email hot-line, should you have any questions between tuition sessions.

Money back guarantee If you are unsure about training or if I am the right tutor for you, your first 30 minute "New Student Intro" session comes with a risk-free money back guarantee. If after the session you feel that it is not for you, you can simply request to be refunded in full, no questions asked.

What does a lucid dream training session involve?

Every session is tailored specifically to your individual skills and needs. Training takes place in a relaxed, friendly and conversational manner where I'll offer feedback, advice, strategies and assign you practices to undertake between sessions.

The majority of sessions focus on improving your understanding of the techniques, mind-set and skills required to enhance your lucid dreaming journey. Motivational support is also a large part of the process, I'll be there for you when you need that boost in enthusiasm.

Training sessions can be conducted via Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp or in Virtual Reality. Please specify your preference during your booking.

How long will I need to train?

Lucid dreaming is an ongoing lifestyle adjustment and a skill that requires time and patience to master. Depending on your specific needs you can book as little as one or as many as one hundred sessions.

If you are looking to gain the knowledge to experience your first lucid dream, one to three sessions is usually sufficient to share the understanding you'll require to do so.

Single sessions are great for a personal Q&A session.

For those looking to develop the ability to have regular lucid dreams, this takes considerably more time and is comparable to undertaking weight loss or a body sculpting regime.
Experienced lucid dreamers looking to develop advanced dream control and self-exploration skills, will also require a more thorough and regular training schedule.

I suggest a minimum commitment of two hours of tuition for each month of training (once a fortnight). Ideally, committing yourself to a three to six month regime with a one-hour session either weekly or fortnightly, every month, will be most effective. The closer our relationship, the intensity of the training, and the time invested, will all have a direct impact on the speed of your development and success.
In truth, lucid dreaming is a lifestyle and, as with personal fitness, it requires and ongoing commitment and training regime. I aim to help you reach a level where my services and advice are no longer required. A genuine teacher's ambition should always be to become unnecessary!

How do I book a session?

Simply use the button below, or if you have problems booking, contact us here.




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