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Helping you to enjoy the benefits of sleep, dreams, and lucid dreaming.

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Hello everyone, I'm Daniel Love, aka The Lucid Dreaming Guide.


I'm a sleep and dream educator and lucid dreaming teacher. 

I am internationally recognized for my role as a lucid dreaming teacher, and I'm the author of one of the world's bestselling lucid dream guidebooks. 


It's my aim to help you to enhance your wellbeing and productivity by helping you to maximise the benefits of sleep and dreams. 


I've been exploring the wonders of sleep and consciousness for over two decades, dedicating my life to the promotion of sleep education and lucid dreaming (read a short biography here).

I promote a pragmatic and hands-on approach to the exploration of dreams, sleep, and consciousness.


I strongly believe that we must tackle these topics with humility, honesty and a logical mind.

Read more about my approach here.

With decades of experience, a few of my achievements to-date include:

Daniel Love



I aim to combine the fascinating breakthroughs of science with a modern perspective on ancient knowledge and techniques.


I want to help you to live a lucid and happy life by developing the skills and understanding required to maximise the benefits of your sleep and dreams. I aim to foster a healthy and balanced perspective to help you to achieve your ambitions.

I look forward to sharing in your lucid adventures and personal development.

Sweet dreams!



 Daniel Love 

  The Lucid Guide


"I consider Daniel to be the most authentic and comprehensive lucid dreaming teacher of our time. He follows in my footsteps in the search for ultimate truth through the exploration of our limitless inner universe."

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