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WHAT I do, WHY I DO IT, AND WHY it's (hopefully) DIFFERENT


Lucid dreaming is one of the most profound, life-changing, and wonderous natural gifts.


Since my discovery of lucid dreaming in early childhood, it has been a subject that has transformed my life and opened doorways to new ways of living and thinking that I would have otherwise never have dreamt possible.


Lucid dreaming is a gift that deserves to be shared, and that's my mission: 


To share lucid dreaming with integrity, realism, honesty, and as widely as possible.

I genuinely feel that it is my duty to do so,  and I want to do this in a way that's in keeping with the clear and mindful nature of lucidity.

I aim for my teaching to be:


  • Honest

  • Effective

  • Down-to-earth

  • Unbiased

  • Accessible

  • Scientifically accurate

  • Free from hype, hyperbole, and pseudoscience

I strive to run my business in a manner which is:

  • Transparent

  • Accountable 

  • Socially and environmentally aware

  • Independent

  • Unbiased 

This page is designed to give you an insight into the philosophy behind the business and practical aspects of my work, and the steps I take to do my best to maintain authenticity and an unbiased approach. 

If you ever feel that I am straying from this path, I wholeheartedly invite you to contact me and challenge me for doing so.



I do not partake in affiliation programs. 

The vast majority of lucid dreaming websites earn a large portion of their profit from affiliate programs promoting other websites, products, and services. 

As far as I'm concerned, this tends to promote dishonesty and hype.

It is simply impossible to give an unbiased and honest review/opinion if you have a vested interest in the sale of the product you're discussing. Much of the hype and misinformation surrounding lucid dreaming is the result of this kind of practice, where websites and teachers are terrified to give honest reviews in case they alienate themselves from potential businesses or other teachers who operate an affiliate system. This can only be a bad thing.

If a business or teacher is creating poor or misleading products or content, I will express my opinion on this freely and honestly. I am not in this field for the money (although, of course, I do need to pay the bills).

I'm here to teach people how to lucid dream and how to avoid misinformation. If that means making a few enemies along the way, so be it. If that means making less money, that's a price I am willing to pay.

I will never use affiliate programs to earn money from "stealth advertising" of other people's products.  This way, you can rest assured that my views and reviews on products will remain independent.


The only time I will use affiliate links is when linking to books or items on Amazon that were already integral elements of an article, as this simply allows me to earn a couple of extra pence that would otherwise go to Amazon. 


I aim to avoid advertising on my site. 

As with affiliate programs, advertising can increase one's motivation to shill certain products or create click-bait style content to increase advertising views, leading to disingenuous reviews and opinions.


Therefore, I aim to keep my website as free from advertising as possible (at the time of writing there are zero adverts on this site). This approach is especially true for products related to lucid dreaming, for which I refuse to ever receive any financial incentive to promote.

I will occasionally partner with companies that are not related to lucid dreaming. This will only occur if I can use the opportunity to promote the wonders of lucid dreaming to a new or wider audience and maintain an honest and unbiased stance. For example, I will avoid companies selling sleep masks or lucid dreaming pills but will consider companies selling unrelated products such as musical instruments, foods, clothing etc.


I allow advertising and video sponsorship on my YouTube channel as this is one of the few means to allow me to create free content on that platform. I have no control over the adverts that appear on my YouTube videos. Sponsored adverts in videos are vetted beforehand.



The vast majority of my content is funded either through the sale of my books, recordings, and apparel, through tuition sessions, public appearances, and teaching, or the generous support of my followers via Patreon and PayPal donations.

I also occasionally make money via sponsorship or collaborations from non-lucid-dream related companies. 

I aim to remain independent. My long term ambition is to reach a point where my content is majority funded via the public, through crowdfunding platforms such as Patreon (if you want to help with this, click here). I consider this the best way to remain accountable to my audience and free from any potentially misleading incentives. 



Lucid dreaming is one of the most socially and environmentally friendly pastimes available. 

Therefore, I aim to reflect the nature of lucid dreaming in my own work. 

Where possible I will always strive that the environmental footprint of my work and business is as small as is humanly possible. This is an ongoing mission that is constantly being refined and improved. I welcome any suggestions for improvement. 


Currently, I try to operate paper-free whenever possible (and aim for recycled or environmentally friendly alternatives when not), wherever possible I use public transport for social engagements,  and I maintain a minimalistic and low impact lifestyle.  I am constantly looking to improve the environmental impact of any of my products and, wherever possible, to work with companies that offer the most friendly services. 

Socially, I will always aim to battle dishonesty and misinformation, regardless of personal consequences. I am a strong believer in freedom of speech (with no "ifs or buts") and everyone's right to express their views without fear of reprisal. 


I love lucid dreaming. It's as simple as that.

I have been a lucid dreamer since early childhood, it has inspired my passion for life, science, philosophy, honesty, decency, and the mystery of existence.

Without lucid dreaming, I believe I would have been a very different person. Lucid dreaming has been a uniquely positive and transformative influence.

The freedom lucid dreaming has given me has helped me develop a less materialistic view on life. Instead, I value the importance of ideas, knowledge, truth, and experience. 

My journey has shaped my personality, and it was for this reason that I decided to enter this field. Not as a means of self-aggrandizement, fame, material gain, or to earn some kind of "guru" brownie points, but as someone who wants to share something genuinely wonderful.

By nature, I'm someone who prefers anonymity. However, it would have been selfish of me to sit on a secret which deserves to be shared. 

I genuinely believe that if the true skills and experience of lucid dreaming were more widely known, then this would greatly increase the levels of happiness, curiosity, empathy, and awareness in this world.

If we're honest with ourselves, this life and this universe are mind-bogglingly peculiar. We are each a mystery adrift in an even bigger and more baffling mystery. 

Not one of us knows why we are here, what we are doing, or where we are heading. While some may claim they have the answers, I find this more than a little conceited and ridiculous considering the sheer vastness of time and space.

To me, it is the process of unravelling this mystery that is the fuel that drives me forward, it is why I want to share the insights I have uncovered during my journey through this kaleidoscopic conundrum of existence.

Also, and rather sadly, lucid dreaming is a field that is regularly abused and misrepresented by charlatans, chancers, and those who share misinformation, and it deserves so much better. 

I'd hate to see lucid dreaming lost forever to a tsunami of twaddle. That's why I'm here, I'm attempting to do my small part to battle this.

In short, Daniel Love really isn't all that important. I consider myself as a temporary spokesperson, one of many, for a subject far more valuable and far bigger than me.  This is an amazing and life-altering subject that will long outlive us all; it's an honour to play a part of that story.


I hope that my small contribution helps to promote lucid dreaming and the wonders of the mind a little further.

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream


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