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Daniel Love (born 1976) is one of the world's leading oneirologists and lucid dreaming specialists.

He is the author of the bestselling lucid dreaming guidebook, Are You Dreaming?, and the inventor of multiple popular lucid dreaming techniques.

Love is a British oneirologist, sleep specialist, and author who aims to share the many psychological and lifestyle benefits that come with a practical understanding of lucid dreaming, dreams, sleep, and consciousness exploration.


Love first came to prominence with his invention of the Cycle Adjustment Technique (2006), a lucid dream induction technique utilizing a structured binary-phased sleeping system designed to aid in the induction of a lucid dream.


Daniel Love

Love gained notability with his bestselling book Are You Dreaming?: Exploring Lucid Dreams: A Comprehensive Guide, which set forth a scientifically grounded and rational approach towards lucid dream induction and training.

On April 12th, 2014, Love instigated the first annual International Lucid Dreaming Day, a yearly global event in which lucid dream enthusiasts celebrate and promote the subject.  

In 2017, Love performed the world's first virtual reality lucid dream seminar, these VR classes utilized the Microsoft Altspace platform.

Love regularly works as a consultant and presenter for various media organizations around the globe, examples include the BBC Radio 4 documentary The King of Dreamsand Finite Films series Anamnesis.

Through his books, lectures, tuition, and workshops, Love has taught many thousands of students around the globe.

Love is known as an outspoken opponent of those who spread misinformation regarding lucid dreaming or profiteer through the sale of misleading content or products.

Love has been teaching, promoting, and researching lucid dreaming and sleep science since the 1990s, with various international media and public appearances. 

Love works under the branding The Lucid Guide. He founded and operates the website and the YouTube channel Daniel Love on YouTube


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