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The Best Lucid Dreaming Videos on YouTube for 2024

Updated: Apr 9

best lucid dreaming videos

If you want to find the best lucid dreaming videos on YouTube, then you're in the right place!

Here are the five best lucid dream videos on YouTube in 2024.

YouTube is big, not just kinda-big, but HUGE!

  A whopping 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute worldwide. That's 30,000 hours of video uploaded each hour, and 720,000 hours of video uploaded every single day to YouTube.

So, when you're searching for the best lucid dream video on YouTube, it's going to be a little like searching for a needle in a haystack.

This would be fine if YouTube's search engine could reliably supply you with the most accurate, verified, and high-quality content, but unfortunately, YouTube tends to favour viral content rather than that which is educationally sound.

If you're a beginner looking to learn how to lucid dream, or want to explore lucid dreaming in the most accurate way possible, then finding quality content is vital.

So, today we'll share with you five of the very best lucid dreaming videos to help you get started.

We've included videos for beginners looking how to learn lucid dreaming, the most accurate and easy lucid dreaming techniques, and each video can be verified as advice from a trained lucid dreaming expert.

If you notice popular lucid dreaming videos missing, that's because in general the popular content on YouTube is factually inaccurate.

We're here to educate, not to fill your mind with hype and misinformation!


Short on time?

Here's our top five list of the five best lucid dream videos on YouTube:


1. The Best Lucid Dreaming Technique

Learn a lucid dream expert's top lucid dreaming technique.

best lucid dream video on YouTube

The Best Lucid Dreaming Technique (You've NEVER Heard Of!)

Learn the ULTIMATE lucid dreaming technique in this video! Lucid dreaming expert Daniel Love reveals the little-known "WHY" method that takes your lucid dreaming to the next level overnight!

Instead of blindly following lucid dreaming techniques like a zombie, start asking WHY you're doing each step. Understanding the REASONS behind each lucid dreaming method is the key to mastery!

Daniel explains how applying the "WHY" technique to popular methods like MILD, FILD, SSILD, WBTB and other aspects of lucid dreaming such as reality checks, DILD and WILD can optimize them and help you lucid dream consistently. You'll learn how to activate the parts of your brain needed for lucidity and stop wasting time on empty practices.

This lucid dreaming video will change how you think about mastering lucid dreams forever! Can one simple question really lead to lucidity every night? Find out now!


2. The MILD Technique (Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams)

The most accurate and complete MILD tutorial on YouTube.

MILD technique best lucid dream video

The MILD technique is one of the most popular lucid dreaming techniques for beginners, but it's very difficult to find an accurate tutorial - until now.

MILD Technique - The ORIGINAL & Correct Version (Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams) is the only accurate MILD tutorial available on YouTube.

While you think you may understand MILD, it is likely you only know half the story. In our research we discovered that a shocking 99% of MILD tutorials on YouTube were either incomplete, incorrect, or entirely misleading.

This MILD tutorial contains everything you need to know about this classic lucid dreaming technique, designed by Dr Stephen LaBerge.

Every beginner lucid dreamer should know MILD, and if you want to get it right, watch this tutorial!


3. SSILD Technique: Lucid Dreaming Made Easy (Step by Step Tutorial)

The most accurate introductory video to the SILD technique on YouTube.

SSILD beginner lucid dreaming

WILDs, or Wake Initiated Lucid Dreams, are a staple of lucid dream training, but unfortunately, they are greatly misunderstood. This YouTube video will give you an accurate understanding of WILDs.

Wake Initiated Lucid Dreams are one of the biggest areas of misinformation regarding lucid dreaming, but an absolutely vital area of knowledge.

Poor-quality content creators often incorrectly call WILDs "Wake Induced Lucid Dreams", or refer to the "WILD Technique", but both are wildly wrong!

This complete WILD tutorial video will give you the most in-depth and factually accurate understanding of Wake Initiated Lucid Dreams available on YouTube.

If you want to understand this fascinating area of lucid dreaming, then watch this video!


4. How to Lucid Dream Without Waking Up! (Longer Lucid Dreams)

Another great "how to lucid dream" video for beginners, a practical guide for those wanting a step-by-step tutorial

How to lucid dream without waking up

Unlock the Secrets to Longer Lucid Dreams! Have you ever been frustrated by waking up too soon from a lucid dream? You're not alone! In this video, I'll dive into why this happens and how you can extend your dream experiences.

🔹 Why Do Dreams End Quickly? We'll explore the role of the prefrontal cortex in lucid dreaming and why beginners often have shorter dreams. 🔹 Practical Tips for Longer Dreams: From staying calm to engaging with your dream environment, I've got actionable advice to help you stay in dreamland longer. 🔹 Long-Term Practice for Success: Lucid dreaming is a skill that improves over time. Discover how continued practice can shift your point of awareness earlier in your dreams. 🔹 Mind Over Matter: Learn how focusing your attention within the dream can prevent premature awakenings. 🔹 The Gateway to Longer Dreams: I'll introduce a technique for maintaining awareness to achieve longer lucid dreams right from the start.


5. FILD Technique = Easy Lucid Dreams? (Tutorial)

An easy lucid dreaming technique, you can try tonight!

FILD Method - Technique for lucid dreaming

FILD stands for finger induced lucid dreaming, and it’s one of the easiest and fastest lucid dreaming techniques for beginners. Learn how to FILD in this step-by-step guide to the FILD method - the best guide on YouTube! All you'll need to learn the FILD method are your fingers, an alarm clock and a little dedication! I'll show you how to use the Finger Induced Lucid Dream technique including tips and tricks from years of professional and personal experience. This FILD guide is the most complete on YouTube and is crafted by Daniel Love, one of the world's leading lucid dreaming teachers and educators



Try The Weirdest Lucid Dream Technique

Liminal Dreaming for beginners

Enter the lucid dream world tonight with this strange lucid dream technique using hypnagogia (aka liminal dreaming) - those vivid waking dream visions that happen as you fall asleep. Surrealists like Salvador Dali used this portal into vivid lucid dreams and some very strange and trippy experiences. This video offers a step-by-step guide to this incredibly easy lucid dreaming method.


The longer journey...

If you genuinely want to explore lucid dreaming to the limits, we suggest that you expand your mind with regular lucid dreaming knowledge. The lucid dream experience is something that is worth taking seriously, so choose your sources carefully.

For more reliable and accurate lucid dreaming YouTube video content, we suggest subscribing to Lucid Dream Portal Stay lucid!


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