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Omnilucidity: A Word Only Morons Use

Buckle up, dreamers, sometimes it's just impossible to bite your tongue, and today I'm going to speak frankly, very frankly.

As a lucid dreaming researcher and teacher, there is absurd, moronic, and ludicrous concept that refuses to die... "omnilucidity"—a concept so out there, it’s practically extraterrestrial.

So, If you've ever been tempted to use this term seriously, you might want to check your sources, your IQ... or your sanity.

What is Lucid Dreaming?

Before we get lost in the details, let's define lucid dreaming: it’s when you’re dreaming and know you’re dreaming, often manipulating the dream landscape like a sleep-bound Spielberg.

It's great, it genuinely is, well that is unless you’re one of the absolute smeg-heads claiming you can do this in every REM cycle, every night, always.

Spoiler: You can’t.

The Myth of Omnilucidity Explained

"Omnilucidity," is a fancy term cooked up in the dimly lit corners of Reddit by someone who probably thinks watching "Inception" is a scientific experiment.

This mythical beast of a concept suggests being lucid in every single REM cycle of every single night—yes, all of them.

To believe this, you may also believe in fairies, unicorns, and honest politicians.

Let's put it another way: can you remember every thought you had while eating lunch for the past week? Or even what you had for lunch? No? Congratulations, you're human, and you're honest.

Now imagine claiming you had full control in every period of REM sleep, all five or more of them, every night, always. You know, when your prefrontal cortex is shut down, you're biologically predisposed to forgetting, and at your psychological worst.

Only someone with absolutely no respect for reality or honesty would make such a claim. And yes, sadly these people exist.

Why Omnilucidity is Bonkers:

- Too Much REM: Even if you’re catching more REM than a 90s rock band, REM sleep serves a function, that function isn't entertainment. Lucidity is not the default, it's a rare glitch in a system that isn't designed to operate that way.

- Dream Recall? Good Luck: Most folks can barely remember what they had for breakfast last Wednesday, let alone every single dream from every night. Omnilucidity requires perfect dream recall as well as perfect lucidity... always. It's a stupid, stupid claim.

- Science Says Nah: No shred of scientific evidence supports omnilucidity, because, let's face it, it’s nuttier than a squirrel’s winter stash.

The Perils of Dream Community Misinformation

Stroll through certain lucid dreaming forums, or the moronic lucid dreaming discord hellscapes, and you’ll find omnilucidity hailed like it’s the second coming of Freud.

This is your red flag parade, complete with marching bands of misinformation. Wherever this term is thrown around seriously, you can bet you’re in the company of the misinformed or the downright delusional.

Sadly, the omnilucidity crowd are egotists, and they really can't handle criticism. Why? Well their entire identity, their value in life, stems from a lie told to the gullible. They don't want that boat rocked, lest their true selves be revealed... Attention seekers who tell massive porkies.

Spotting Reliable Lucid Dreaming Info:

- Source Quality: Trust information from reputable scientists, not a randomer on YouTube with a potato webcam, a username like dolphin420, and with zero qualifications in any related field.

- Reality Check: If the claim sounds like it was made by someone wearing a tinfoil hat, it probably was.

- Educate Thyself: Seek out content that teaches realistic techniques for lucid dreaming, not magical thinking.


Lucid dreaming is awesome, but let’s keep it real. "Omnilucidity" is a term for the overeager, painfully gullible and underinformed. So next time you hear someone bragging about being omnilucid, feel free to gift them a dictionary or a reality check.

Or just laugh at them...if they choose to lie to your face, that's inherently deceitful and disrespectful to you. So, as far as I'm concerned, they really don't deserve an ounce of respect in return.

Omnilucid types: if you insist on saying stupid things, don't be surprised when people call you stupid. Try being honest. Simple.


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