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Matrix Resurrections - The Real Matrix: Lucid Dreaming

In 1999 The Matrix opened the eyes of the world to the concept of simulated realities, lucid dreaming, and the ability to overcome one's psychological programming, ushering in a new era of public interest in consciousness exploration. With the release of The Matrix Resurrections, it's likely that we'll see a new generation inspired to explore these concepts, and with lucid dreaming being the closest thing to the REAL Matrix, it's possible that The Matrix Resurrections may offer something of a resurrection in lucid dream exploration.

The Real Matrix

The idea that our world is little more than an elaborate computer simulation is incredibly compelling, with influential proponents such as Elon Musk, but stranger still, on a intuitive level it feels familiar -- but why is that? The simple fact is that you DO live in a simulation. Not in the sense of some artificial intelligence run sci-fi prison, but a biological simulation, the virtual reality of perception; crafted by mother nature in order to help you to explore, survive, and function in this universe.

Our perceptual model of the world is such a compelling illusion that each moment we mistake it for true reality. It's the perfect magic trick.

But ask any psychologist or neuroscientist and they'll confirm that your experience of reality is a filtered and refined biological virtual reality, a model of the universe.

Our waking Matrix, our perceptual map of the world, is impossible to escape, and you'd not want to, as It's the very "software" that allows you to exist and interface with the universe! So what is it?

It's the world you are experiencing right now!

There is No Spoon

The classic Matrix line "there is no spoon" alluded to this illusion, unlike the film, the spoon is not a computer simulation, instead it is a simulation of the mind.

The world you think you are experiencing right now is not the real world, it is the subtle symphony of neurons, a map of reality.

Furthermore, each night our VR mind-map becomes untethered from the data supplied by the senses and is allowed to roam free. We call this state dreaming. And dreams are, perhaps, the closest thing you will ever experience to living in the Matrix.

Escape The Matrix - Learn to Lucid Dream

Just like the fictional Matrix, our dreams are also an illusion which we mistake for reality. It is not until you wake each morning that you realise the strange experiences, that only moments before were entirely convincing, were just a dream. But like Neo you can wake-up inside of the Matrix, inside of your dreams, and in doing so you unlock the power that the knowledge that you live in a simulation brings! Becoming "the one" In the dream state is what we sleep researchers call lucid dreaming. Knowing that you are dreaming while still dreaming.

More exciting still, knowledge that you are dreaming while dreaming also allows you to control your dreams. And like Neo, you''ll no longer be restrained by the rules of the simulation. When you're a lucid dreamer, you won't just dodge bullets, you'll realise that the bullets are aspects of your own mind, and entirely malleable to your will.

Lucid dreamers don't just realise they exist within the Matrix, but that they ARE the Matrix. And that kind of understanding puts even Neo to shame!

Take The Red Pill - Learn How to Lucid Dream

If you find yourself inspired by the concepts in The Matrix, and you'd like to explore the mind-blowing reality of waking up in a simulated world, then learning how to lucid dream is the single best way to do so.

But how do you get started?

The first port of call is to expand your knowledge of dreams and the psychology of perception. And here is where education and reliable information is key.

This book will act as your "red pill", opening up the doorway to lucidity by giving you a thorough overview into the art and science of lucid dreaming.

Further Adventures In Other Worlds

Having developed a foundational understanding of the subject by reading Are You Dreaming? , you can consider your "dojo training" complete. But this is just the beginning of the journey, it's time to explore further...

Once you dedicate yourself to the path of the Oneironaut (dream explorer) it is wise to stay focused and to continue to develop your knowledge.

Here things become a little more interesting, as the landscape of the mind is an uncharted territory, and nobody knows exactly what you'll find.

Becoming a lucid dreamer is to become a pioneer and an adventurer into unknown worlds.

With that in mind, it's important to remember that you alone are responsible for your lucid dream training.

You may find guides, but it is you who will walk the path.

I can only show you the door, you're the one who has to walk through it.

Alone in the Matrix?

Even though lucid dreaming is a lone adventure, there is a large community of fellow dream explorers, all who can offer fascinating insights into their own lucid dream experiences.

Furthermore, you can explore the deeper aspects of lucid dreaming with a professional dream guide or by joining us over at the YouTube channel Lucid Dream Portal where we'll delve deeper into the uncharted territory of the dream Matrix.

Lucid dreaming is the closest thing you'll ever find to the real Matrix, not only will it greatly expand your understanding and respect for the human mind, but it will put you on a path to a more philosophical and rewarding world view.

So, what are you waiting for Neo?



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