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The Top 5 Best YouTube Lucid Dreaming Channels for 2024

Updated: Apr 9

If you've been hunting YouTube for the very best lucid dreaming channels, you need to look no further!

The following is the top five list of the very best lucid dreaming channels on YouTube in 2024.

This list has been compiled and curated based on the professional experience and background of the channel creator, accuracy of the content, and through the opinions of expert lucid dreamers and the lucid dreaming community.  

YouTube often only promotes clickbait channels, or those who have "played" the algorithms, which is certainly not a good way to discover quality lucid dreaming content! In fact, if you browse YouTube you'll discover that the vast majority of "popular" lucid dreaming channels are either factually inaccurate, outright spam, or misinformation that could waste months of your precious time. Don't fall into this trap!

Unfortunately there are very few reliable or accurate lucid dreaming channels on YouTube, in fact, making this list was rather difficult! If a popular lucid dreaming channel is missing from this list, it is not an oversight, there is very good reason for it! - they are either channels promoting misinformation, clickbait, the creator lacks any meaningful knowledge and experience, or they simply didn't make the grade when compared to some of the less well-known but superior channels on this list. Remember, popularity does not equate to accuracy or reliability. In fact, more often than not, it's the exact opposite!  


Short on time?

Here's our top five list with quick links:


#1 Lucid Dream Portal

The YouTube home of Daniel Love, The Lucid Guide

Lucid Dream Portal is the YouTube channel for Daniel Love, The Lucid Dreaming Guide.

The channel was created to help battle the rampant misinformation about lucid dreaming found on YouTube. Created by expert lucid dream teacher, Daniel Love, the channel strives to bring you well researched, accurate, accessible, and practical advice on the science and practical applications of sleep, dreaming, and lucid dreaming.

The channel includes regular weekly live streams, Q&As, Virtual Reality 360 guided lessons, lucid dreaming tutorials, guest appearances, and is the official home channel for World International Lucid Dreaming Day.

When developing the channel, Daniel Love wanted to create an accessible, human, and honest channel, giving viewers a chance to discover lucid dreaming in the most realistic way possible.

If you've not done so already, subscribe today!


#2 Giz Edwards

One of YouTube's longest running YouTube Channels

Giz Edwards is a YouTube lucid dreaming veteran, creating accessible and down-to-earth content.

Giz Edwards is one of YouTube's longest running lucid dreaming channels, having created content since 2007.

Giz creates accessible and honest content, from the perspective of a passionate and knowledgeable enthusiast.

Unlike many new channels, Giz has always maintained a straight-forward and hype-free approach to lucid dreaming, offering viewers insights into the wonders of what it means to explore lucid dreaming.

Very much worth checking out.

If you've not done so already, subscribe today!


#3 Snoozon

The YouTube home of lucid dream educator, Tim Post.

Tim Post is one of the few genuine lucid dreaming experts with a YouTube presence.

Tim Post has been a passionate long term scientific voice for lucid dreaming, and is known for his popular lucid dreaming website, Snoozon.

Tim comes from a strictly science-based approach to lucid dreaming, so is another great option if you're looking for well-researched content from an experienced professional.

Unfortunately Tim seems to have ceased producing content in order to complete his PhD, but his channel is full of interesting educational content that stands the test of time.

Very much worth checking out.

If you've not done so already, subscribe today!


#4 TED Talks

There's more to the brain than lucid dreaming...

Lucid dreaming should never be approached as a stand-alone subject, or an obsession. Unfortunately, it's almost always taught as such.

In fact, there are so few quality scientific resources for those interested in a genuine fact-based study of lucid dreaming, that you have to get a little creative and find your own!

So, if you're someone who wants objective and evidence based information, I strongly recommend avoiding the "lucid dream community" or lucid dream only content creators.

Instead, broaden your understanding and knowledge of the broader aspects of the science of the mind (and other subjects!) will serve you infinitely better than any new "lucid dream hack" video. TED is a great resource that will help you to discover fascinating talks from legitimate professionals. A word of warning: If a video is listed as a TEDx talk (as opposed to a TED talk), I do not recommend them. TEDx is a spinoff of the TED lectures, with much lower standards of entry for their speakers.

Essentially, virtually anyone can apply to give a TEDx talk - so speaking at a TEDx event is absolutely not a sign of knowledge or authority on the subject.

(seriously, if your Granny wanted to give a TEDx talk, she could!)

In comparison, TED talks are reserved for prominent professionals with a proven track record.

So with warnings aside, TED talks are a great way to expand your understanding of the mind, science, and improve your logical abilities.


#5 Stephen LaBerge

Ok, we can dream on, LaBerge doesn't have a YouTube channel, but...

Unfortunately, lucid dream pioneer, Stephen LaBerge doesn't have his own YouTube channel, but that doesn't mean you can't find him there!

Shockingly, finding five reliable woo-free lucid dreaming YouTube channels is much harder than you'd think. While there may be a LOT of lucid dreaming content on YouTube, very little of it is reliable or accurate.

So, the final "channel" isn't a channel at all, it's a suggestion.

YouTube is full of interesting interviews and content from some of the world of lucid dreaming's most prominent lucid dream researchers.

So, rather than jump to the first search result for "lucid dreaming", why not search for the names of famous lucid dreaming researchers such as Stephen LaBerge (of the Lucidity Institute) or Keith Hearne?

You'll find plenty of YouTube content from seasoned and trained professionals if only you look past the algorithm, hype, and clickbait. So, for the best YouTube lucid dreaming experience, engage your mind and explore beyond what YouTube tells you to watch! FIND STEPHEN LABERGE ON YOUTUBE



Our five quick links:




Conner Edgar
Conner Edgar
May 04, 2021

This list helped me too. After finding you, I sort of stopped looking for quality channels on lucid dreaming. I felt like it was a waste of my time considering all the time I already wasted deep in the twaddle-verse. I was unfamiliar with Snoozon and Stephen Berlin before I read this. I will definitely check out their work and branch out a bit : )

p.s. there is a tiny typo in this article. Lets see if you can find it : )


Mikka Liest
Mikka Liest
Apr 27, 2021

Awesome, thank you! It's a shame that and Stephen Berlin haven't posted anything new in the last few years, but they have a lot of interesting videos that I will watch for sure. For a moment there, I thought that I had somehow missed it that Stephen LaBerge had a Youtube channel!

The Lucid Guide
The Lucid Guide
Apr 27, 2021
Replying to

I highly recommend Stephen Berlin's series. It is a charming glimpse of what YouTube would be like if they focused on promoting authenticity over sensationalism. Yes it's a shame YouTube didn't support their efforts, but the content of both still outshines anything the current "popular" channels create, and thankfully, with lucid dreaming older content stays relevant for a very long time :)

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