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The BEST Lucid Dreaming Technique? - Introducing DreamWAlker

If you're looking to learn how to lucid dream, one of the very best lucid dreaming techniques to try first is Dreamwalker.

The Dreamwalker technique is an easy lucid dreaming technique that aims to induce a Wake Initiated Lucid Dream (WILD), but can also result in a Dream Initiated Lucid Dream (DILD). Dreamwalker is best used in combination with the Wake Back to Bed technique (WBTB) or Love Method, and you should aim to attempt Dreamwalker whenever you believe that you will directly enter REM (dreaming) sleep. The Dreamwalker technique is ideal for those looking to learn how to lucid dream and require an easy and complete technique. The Dreamwalker technique was invented by lucid dreaming teacher and researcher, Daniel Love, and builds upon his previous Familiar Scene Visualisation (FSV) and Journey techniques. Watch the full tutorial video below


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