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The Benefits of Hammocks for Lucid Dreamers.

The following article is a transcript of the latest The Lucid Guide video, if you'd prefer to watch rather than read you can check it out here:

Today I'd like to share with you an incredibly simple and entirely overlooked product that can, quite literally, transform your lucid practices and bring a new level of calm and tranquillity into your life.

Lucid Dreaming Products

As those of you who watch my channel often are aware, I'm not one to promote the vast majority of products designed to aid lucid dreamers. There are endless pills, devices, courses, even crystals and teas that all claim they will make a difference in your lucid adventures. However, this is so rarely true and most are little more than a distraction or, at most, offer a minimal boost in your experiences. They're rarely worth your hard earned money.

Most lucid dreaming pills and products offer little more than a mild and artificial boost to your lucidity, and are an effective means to empty your wallet.

The Enduring Pleasure of a Hammock

However, of all the products I've ever purchased, there has been none that has come close to the improvements in quality of life, or the expansion of my chances for lucid dreaming as that of the humble hammock.

Indeed, I would go as far as to say that anyone who wants to invest in lucid dreaming as a lifestyle, should take the time to purchase a quality portable hammock.

A hammock offers the lucid dreamer a portable and incredibly comfortable bed, opening up a world of options for sleep and dreams.

Now, I'm sure many of you are thinking this sounds quite ludicrous. How can a slip of material hung between two trees possibly improve one's chances of lucid dreaming?

Over the 20+ years that I've been using a hammock, I've noticed multiple ways in which it enhances the life of a lucid dreamer.

How a Hammock Benefits Lucid Dreaming

Firstly, and most obviously a hammock is a portable bed. Now, this speaks for itself, rather than have one's lucid dreaming practices confined to the bedroom and night, a hammock offers endless chances to dip into the dream world during daytime naps. This increases your time spent dreaming, and therefore your chances of lucidity.

Secondly, the nature of outdoor sleeping and the manner in which one is suspended in a hammock lends itself to lighter and more aware sleep. Your mind remains that much more active and alert - prime conditions for a lucid nap.

Often hammock based dreams reflect the environment in which you are sleeping, creating an intimate new perspective of your surroundings.

Thirdly, even when you are relaxing rather than sleeping in your hammock, you are creating a unique subconscious association between rest, sleep and dreams, with the outdoors and waking world. Your bed is no longer locked away in the darkness of your bedroom and so your mind associates the waking world more closely with that of dreams. This subtle connection raises your overall mental alertness in all sleep.

The lightweight and compact nature of a hammock means that, when outside, you are never without a bed or place to relax. Even from a non lucid dreamers perspective, this adds new moments of calm and reflection into your daily life. As a lucid dreamer, a hammock quickly becomes a part of your identity - your reminded often that your adventures in this world and the world of dreams, should be one of tranquility and self-reflection. The hammock becomes a symbol of this.

As a wonderful and unrelated side effect, hammocks offer a great ice breaker. People will often stop to smile, comment or simply nod and say "what a wonderful idea".

There are endless other benefits to hammocks, such as how the floating sensation they induce, lends itself to dreams of flying. Or the sense of freedom and adventure they instil in everyday travels. With a hammock in your bag, you'll soon start to look at the world in a new way, spotting new places to dream and reflect in areas that you would have previously ignored.

Choosing a Hammock

On a practical level, I'd suggest a lightweight hammock, ideally made from parachute material, look for those that offer easy setup with hanging straps with multiple loops for quick assembly. A hammock of this variety should cost little more than $40 and can easily fit as a light weight addition to your day bag.

While I'd prefer to avoid recommending any particular brand, as I'd suggest finding a hammock that suits your personal style and needs, hammocks such as the ones linked below are a great starting point, especially when paired with multi-loop straps. USA:

▶ Extra long straps for easy setup:


▶ Recommended straps for easy setup:

So, before you rush out to buy the latest fad pills or lucid dreaming devices, first, pick up a hammock. I guarantee, it will be one of the most rewarding gifts you can give your dreaming mind.

Remember, being a lucid dreamer is more than just a way of looking at sleep, it's a way of looking at the world. By cultivating a reflective, thoughtful and calm mind, you'll not only be lucid in your dreams, but in your whole life.


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