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Persistent Realms - When Lucid Dreaming Gets Silly

Greetings fellow dream explorers!

Today, I want to dive into a topic that's been making waves in the lucid dream community – the term "persistent realms."

As a lucid dream teacher, I've seen and heard it all, and let me tell you, this term is one that we can definitely do without.

Let's break it down and see why sticking to good old "memory" and "recurring dream" is the way to go.

persistent realm

What's Up with "Persistent Realms"?

It's Super Silly: We've already got perfectly good words for what people are trying to describe: memory and recurring dream.

So why invent a new term like "persistent realm"? It just overcomplicates things. When we're talking about revisiting the same dream scene, memory and recurring dream do the job just fine without all the extra fluff.

The Absurdity of "Persistent Realms"

Misleading Much?: The word "realm" implies a place, right? And places, by their very nature, are persistent. They're defined locations!

So calling a dream scene a "persistent realm" is like swaying "wet water" or calling a fish a "swimming fish" – it's redundant and, quite frankly, a bit absurd.

persistent realms

Dreams Aren't Physical Places

Dreams Are Fluid: Here's the thing – dreams aren't physical places! They change, they morph, they evolve - they are THOUGHTS.

There's no set "location" in your mind.

Using "realm" to describe a dream scene just adds an unnecessary layer of confusion. It's like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

lucid dream discord

Why This Matters for Our Community

Linguistic Gobbledygook Alert: Using fancy terms like "persistent realm" is a classic case of linguistic gobbledygook. It's the kind of jargon people use to sound mystical and important. But let's be real – it just confuses people and muddies the waters.

Keep It Simple, Silly: In the lucid dream community, clarity is key. Words like memory and recurring dream are clear and straightforward. They describe exactly what we're talking about without any extra nonsense.

Why Words Matter

Clarity Is King: When we use clear, straightforward terms, we make our community more welcoming and accessible. Newcomers can understand what we're talking about without feeling like they need a dictionary. It's all about making our dream discussions as inclusive and understandable as possible.

Let's Keep It Real: By sticking to terms like memory and recurring dream, we keep our conversations grounded in reality. We're not here to sound mystical – we're here to explore and understand our dreams together.


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