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Lucid Dreaming - It's Time for You to Wake Up!

By guest author Harumura - 春村

I felt myself floating upwards from my bed, my back to the ceiling, but my dream eyes were closed. I opened my eyes and could see my bedroom, as it is in waking life. The bed had the covers pulled to the side, and a gap had formed where my sleeping body should have been. The bed looked a lot further down than it should, as if the ceiling was twice as high as it really is in waking life. I was right up next to the ceiling, looking down. The ceiling was lit up with a beautiful pond scene, where the water was reddish and golden coloured fish (carps) were swimming around peacefully. The fish were “drawn” with a golden light line. Only the silhouette and details like mouth and eyes were drawn, the rest was transparent and the water underneath could be seen through them. I decided to go out through one of the corners, where the walls meet the ceiling. I pull at one of the sides of the corner and it tears like a cardboard box. First, the pond scene comes off like wall paper, then the ceiling itself.

This is the beginning of a very memorable lucid dream I had a while ago. The part described above, at the on-set on the dream could have easily been mistaken for an out of body experience; only, the typical “seeing your own body lying down in bed” part was not there: I wasn't in the bed only my floating self was present in the scene. Also, I noticed a number of signs that pointed at this bedroom being a dream one and not the real life space. Namely, the ceiling's height, colour of bed covers, not to mention the upside-down pond.

This is the type of dream that hooks you to continuing your lucid dreaming practice. Not only the poetic, surreal scene described above but the encounter with intriguing dream characters that make you wonder. What follows is a summarised version of the dream. I had been working at spawning dream characters around the time this dream happened and was planning to do so in this dream too. I went for a character I had already spawned in a previous lucid dream, successfully, and therefore I was pretty confident of my ability to “manifest” this dream character: expectation is a big factor in succeeding with lucidity goals.

As in my previous dream I managed to manifest this dream character (DC) by turning a street corner and expecting him to be there, I entered a building where I expected that same dream character to be. To my surprise, the building was under construction and just a team of builders and engineers were working there, no sign of my target DC.

I saw an intriguing DC, a very tall and slim guy, of Asian ethnicity and dressed in a light brown suit. I walked around asking other dream characters if they had seen this guy (my target- character) but they all said: “he is not here today”. I walked passed the intriguing tall guy who was keeping an eye on me all the time. I decided to spin myself off to a different location to see if I was luckier this time. I found myself at an Italian airport, at an also under construction section of the building.

Same situation repeats itself and there is another team of workers. The intriguing guy is there. As I notice him, I decide to be courageous and ask him, although I was feeling a bit intimidated by him, I have to admit. I asked: “excuse me, have you seen (DC's name)?”. The guy answered: “No, he is not here. He is in Colombia” . -That is totally random- I thought. No problem: I'll teleport to Colombia. As I was about to teleport myself and continue pursuing my lucidity goal, the intriguing DC said to me: “come here! Listen [...]” and he delivered a message that left me completely speechless, even after waking up.

What was most significant about his speech is: he used a metaphor which included dream symbols that are often present in my dreams, and then he rephrased the message in clear direct language in the form of advice, that was to the point and made a lot of sense.

Then he said, “that is why it's time for you to wake up” At right the instant he said that last word, my real eyes flew open in the waking world, staring blankly at the curtains in front of me. I realized my eyes were open in waking life and quickly closed them again, not moving, trying to come to terms with the dream content, retrieving as much of it as I could, going over it in my head.

“WOW!” I thought,
“I don't think I will forget this one anytime soon."


About the Author:

Harumura - 春村 - Having lived in four different countries (Spain, Canada, United Kingdom and Japan) and speaking three different languages, Harumura identifies herself only as female, human and citizen of this beautiful planet we inhabit. All other labels are transient. In addition to writing articles, she contributes to The Lucid Guide with video caption translations for it's YouTube channel.


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