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Lucid Dreaming - Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

If you're new to lucid dreaming, you probably have a whole host of questions you'd like answered.

Over on my YouTube channel Lucid Dream Portal, I'm regularly asked the same questions regarding lucid dreaming.

So, if you're a lucid dreaming beginner, and new to my work, here's a list of the most commonly asked lucid dreaming questions, and my answers...


1. What is the best lucid dreaming technique? / Which is your favourite lucid dreaming technique?

Becoming a regular lucid dreamer is not about individual techniques. In the same way that becoming physically fit can't be boiled down to one single exercise, such as push-ups.

But if I had to choose the most fundamentally important practice, it would be dream journaling. This is of equivalent importance to lucid dreaming as a healthy diet is for physical fitness. Becoming a regular lucid dreamer requires a lifestyle-strategy that involves a wide range of practices and techniques.


2. What are the most important steps for beginners?

Dream journaling and reality testing are the two most fundamental practices a beginner needs to master.

These are also the most often overlooked and misunderstood, so it's vital you make the effort to get these right. There is little point in performing any specific lucid dream technique if you are not regularly performing these two fundamentals correctly.


3. Can you give me some tips?

Absolutely! There are six years of lucid dreaming videos on my YouTube channel containing thousands of tips covering almost every lucid dream scenario. Go check them out:

If you want a more structured approach and are seriously interested in investing your efforts, I recommend checking out my 19 Day Lucid Dreaming Course (available to Oneironaut+ members): And my book, "Are You Dreaming?" : If you're looking for really specific advice tailored to your personal psychology, I offer personal lucid dream tuition: Or I can spend more time answering your individual question if you support the channel with a super thanks.


4. How often do you lucid dream?

I have been lucid dreaming for 40 years. I am at a point where I can confidently say that I can lucid dream on any night I choose to do so. That said, there are always a huge number of variables involved in sleep and lucidity, so nothing can ever be 100% certain.

If you average my lucid dreams over a year (including weeks where I do not try at all, and weeks where I'm putting in the required effort) the average would be roughly 4-5 lucid dreams a week.

More importantly, it's worth remembering that quality is far more important than quantity when it comes to lucid dreams. 100 short lucid dreams with poor quality logic are worth less than one long logical lucid dream.


5. What do you think of [insert the name of lucid dream author/creator?]

I do not answer questions regarding specific individuals. This avoids drama or being misconstrued as a personal attack, but most importantly, it's the wrong question to ask. Humans are in a constant state of change and growth, and nobody is consistently entirely right or entirely wrong.

Good teachers can sometimes share bad ideas, and bad teachers can sometimes share good ideas.

That said, if the majority of an individual's ideas and actions are flawed or misleading, a handful of accurate statements should not excuse their wider lack of due diligence. Instead of judging individuals, I recommend assessing their body of work, their statements, and their actions.


6. Is lucid dreaming safe?

While there is little research into this, it's reasonable to assume that lucid dreaming is likely as safe as any other dream.

And remember, we dream roughly 5 times each night.


7. How long does it take to become a proficient lucid dreamer?

It follows a similar timescale to learning to become proficient in a new language. This will vary depending on an individual's natural aptitude and the amount of effort invested in learning and practice. It is also vital to remember that if you are using the wrong techniques/tools no amount of effort will be successful.


8.very personally specific dream questions

Human psychology is incredibly varied and differs dramatically between one individual and the next. Each of us has a unique set of associations built from a lifetime of personal experiences.

With this in mind, I am unable to answer questions which would require a deeper understanding of your personality, life experiences, and personal psychology.

For example: "Why did I dream this?", "What did this dream mean?", "Why do my dream characters do this?", "Why can't I do this in my dreams?". The answer to all of these questions will be unique to you, and would require a more in-depth analysis of your personality and psychology that simply isn't possible in a YouTube comment.

In these instances, I can only recommend my personal lucid dream tuition, which allows me to assess your needs directly.


9.I want to ask you something personally/ personal issues or questions

While I'll always do my best to answer as many comments and questions as possible, I've yet to work out how to be in more than one place at a time (well at least in waking life!), so my time is somewhat limited.

If you want personally tailored lucid dreaming advice, then lucid dream tuition is your best option.

I also offer weekly live streams for members of my YouTube channel where you can ask me questions and share ideas directly. I also prioritise answering comments from channel members.

I kindly remind everyone to maintain a polite and focused demeanour while engaging in discussions or asking questions about lucid dreaming. I understand that the interactive nature of platforms like YouTube fosters a unique sense of familiarity, but it is important to remember that I am both a human being and a professional who is here to provide reliable information and insights on the topic.

I encourage friendly banter, fun, and a sense of community, but I request that all interactions remain courteous and respectful, with due consideration for personal boundaries and professional conduct.

It's important to note that while I'm happy to share my knowledge and experiences about lucid dreaming, I'm not equipped to offer personalized advice or support on personal issues. If you're dealing with personal matters that require attention, I highly encourage you to seek the help of a qualified professional in that field or reach out to your trusted friends and family for support. My focus is to provide helpful and informative content on lucid dreaming.


10.I have an idea to share with you

Great, I'm always interested in your thoughts and ideas!

The best place to do so is in the YouTube comments section, or during a live stream.

Beyond direct interactions with my lucid dream tuition students, I unfortunately do not have the time or resources to respond to personal emails or requests.

If you are a business, researcher, or organisation looking to collaborate, please reach out to me here:


Remember you can ask me questions directly during Lucid Dream Portal member live streams.

You can become a member here:


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