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Lucid Dream Tech Support? Yes, It's Real...ish!

Let's face it, lucid dreaming is really pretty bonkers!

It unlocks the strange, wonderful, but also sometimes fickle landscape of our minds.

As amazing as lucid dreaming can be, sometimes the dream world can be overwhelming and hard to control.

But what if you had on-demand support right inside your dreams to guide you through?

It sounds like something out of Total Recall or another psychological science fiction film, but it's real...

Well kind of...

Lucid Dream Technical Support

Amazing, this is actually possible. When we blend established psychological principles and dream exploration you can unlock "Lucid Dream Technical Support."


The Power of Autosuggestion

At the heart of many lucid dreaming techniques lies the psychological principle of autosuggestion.

Lucid Dream Autosuggestion

It's the idea that our conscious mind can propose an action or belief to our subconscious, especially in dreams. Ever found yourself flying after merely thinking about it in a lucid dream? That’s autosuggestion in action.


Expectation Shapes Dreams

Expectation is another form of autosuggestion, and the driving force behind dream control.

Lucid Dreaming Tech Support

In dreams, when we truly expect something to happen, it often does.

If you think a door in your dream will lead to a tropical beach, there's a good chance it will, purely because of that expectation.


Lucid Dream Tech Support

Now, let's mix these principles with a sprinkle of familiarity.

Over the years, many of you have shared experiences of unexpectedly meeting me within your dreams. This isn't at all surprising!

It's well established that familiar, famous, and authoritative figures can greatly increase the power of suggestion.

The power of authority and suggestion

Stanley Milgram's famous, but disturbing, obedience experiments highlighted this effect in a very dramatic fashion.

So, those of you who are familiar with my work, through my books and videos, are already psychologically primed to experience me as a helpful figure in your dreamworlds.

This made me wonder: could we intentionally leverage this to help you with in-dream guidance?

Lucid Dream Teacher Daniel Love

Imagine being inside a lucid dream and feeling stuck or unsure.

It happens all the time right?

What if, right at that moment, you could summon 'Lucid Dream Tech Support' for advice or help with dream control? Summoning a guiding figure to help you manipulate or better understand your dream based on your expectation and trust.

Here's how...


To activate your in-dream TECH SUPPORT, watch the video below...

lucid dream tech support video

Giving It a Try

  1. Watch the video above to activate the principles of suggestion.

  2. Remind yourself of the possibility of in-dream tech support before sleep.

  3. When in a lucid dream, If in doubt or struggling with dream control, shout 'Technical Support'.

  4. Turn around to find me standing behind you.

  5. Get advice or "tech support" from your very own dream version of me!

  6. Have fun with it!

  7. If it doesn't work the first time, watch the video again and keep trying.


Lucid Dream Technical Support isn't just a playful concept; it's a fusion of well-established psychological principles with the mailable nature of dreams.

But yes, I couldn't resist giving it a little flavour of "Total Recall" and "Vanilla Sky".

As always, dream big and keep exploring. Wishing you vivid and insightful adventures in the dreamscape.

I'll see you in your dreams!


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