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Kpop Band iKON’s Jinhwan Shares His Passion For Lucid Dreaming

On September 4th, Jinhwan a member of the popular Kpop band iKon, shared his passion for lucid dreaming on TVN's show The Braniacs in a segment called, “Brain Sexy Vs Problematic Men.”

The hugely popular Kpop band, iKon have a lucid dreamer among their ranks.

Many of you may not be familiar with Jinhwan or iKon, but with their huge following and 3.2 million YouTube subscribers, they're certainly an influential group. The ideas they share will certainly ripple outwards into wider society.

It is mainstream revelations such as these that can really bring the wonders of lucid dreaming to a whole new audience. An Example of iKon's Music

During the show, which judged the various contestants on both their looks and brains, Jinwhan outlined his experience of lucidity. After giving a brief description that lucid dreaming is when the person is aware that he’s is dreaming, Jinhwan claimed that, as a result of his training, he’s now reached an intermediate level of dream control. He went on to say, “I can go inside my dream and do what I want to do.”

Lucid Dreamer and Kpop superstar, Jinwhan.

Jinhwan continued:

"I am curious about various fields. I dig deeply. I am interested in lucid dreaming. I did not believe in lucid dreaming, but once I experienced it, I got interested. The dream that I'm working on is turning into an animal. I recently dreamed of flying as a dove. I want to try other animals, I will also try to become a fish through lucid dreams."

See the original segment here (subtitles available):

It certainly seems that Jinhwan has a developed understanding of the skills of lucid dreaming and is performing some interesting personal experiments. One can only imagine how these experiences may influence his career and creativity.

Who knows, perhaps as iKon matures beyond their boy-band status, they will begin to create more philosophical and dreamlike work based on their members interests and experiences.

Kpop and Lucid Dreaming Certainly, there seems to be a growing interest in lucid dreaming in Kpop and the Asian world. In the 2017 South Korean TV series, "While You Were Sleeping", another Kpop band named Monogram produced a track named "Lucid Dream" for the original sound track (OST). It's a lovely track that certainly has a dreamlike feel weaved into its sound.

Monogram - Lucid Dream - While You Were Sleeping (OST)

Lucid Dreaming and World Media

It's certainly wonderful to see lucid dreaming influencing media and culture around the world. Thankfully, it seems that finally the subject is shaking off some of its Western "new-age" associations and is being adopted as a more mainstream and rational topic.

I certainly applaud Jinhwan for his personal experiments and in bringing the subject to a much wider audience. I hope that he has a long and fruitful relationship with lucid dreaming.


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