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The Science of Dream Scenario (Film) - Can You Really Influence Millions of People's Dreams?

Release Date: Nov 10, 2023

Film: Dream Scenario

Director: Kristoffer Borgli

Stars: Nicolas Cage, Julianne Nicholson, Michael Cera

"Dream Scenario": Surreal Cinema Meets Dream Science

As a professional lucid dreaming teacher and educator, when the first trailer of Kristoffer Borgli's "Dream Scenario" dropped, my inbox was flooded with questions. It's rare that Hollywood explores the fascinating world of dreams, and rarer still that it does so in such a creative and compelling way. The film's core concept — one individual appearing in the dreams of millions — might sound like pure cinematic fantasy, but is it?

I've delved deep into this notion, and what I've uncovered might surprise you...


The Foundations of Dreaming: More Than Just Night-time Tales

Dreams aren't just random stories played out during our REM sleep. They're a blend of our experiences, thoughts, fears, and desires. Our daily lives and the stimuli we consume play a significant role in our nightly dreamscapes.

Dream Scenario - is it possible?

In essence, dreams are a reflection of your life, the media you consume, and a strange mix of memories, old and new.

So, it's perfectly plausible that under the correct conditions, an individual, event, or almost anything else, could influence the dreams of millions worldwide.


Lucid Dreaming: A Journey of Conscious Exploration

Lucid dreaming, the topic central to my teachings, allows individuals to recognize they're in a dream and actively participate in or even alter its outcome.

Dream Scenario and lucid dreams

This heightened awareness can be a tool, enabling dreamers to delve deeper into their subconscious and even tap into shared cultural and societal symbols.

But lucid dreams are not free from the narratives of the day. Lucid dreams, like all dreams, are born from our waking life experiences and expectations.


Collective Dreaming: From Myths to Modern Day

Historically, various cultures have believed in shared dream experiences — either telepathic dreams (which fortunately for our privacy, is little more than fantasy), or the Jungian concept of dreams that transcend personal experiences and tap into a collective consciousness.

Dream Scenario a review of shared dreaming

In today's digital age, where global events and viral sensations can impact millions of minds simultaneously, it's conceivable that specific influential figures or themes might seep into our dream worlds en masse.

"Dream Scenario" beautifully plays on this concept, making us question the boundaries of our personal and shared dream experiences.


The Ironic Influence of "Dream Scenario" on Our Nightly Tales

Borgli's film, rich with vivid and surreal dream imagery, ironically will become a prime candidate to influence our dream content.

Nicolas Cage stars in Dream Scenario

The power of visual storytelling, especially one centered around the dream realm, can leave lasting imprints on our psyche.

Such films, laden with profound symbols and visuals, often seep into our subconscious, directly shaping our dream narratives.

Indeed, the 2010 box office hit "Inception" influenced the beliefs of millions regarding dreams and lucid dreaming.

So, while the Dream Scenario might discuss the impact of a single individual on global dreamscapes, it's the movie itself that could end up steering the direction of dreams worldwide.

It's important to remember that the dreaming mind is very prone to suggestion.

The science of Dream Scenario


The Power of Suggestion: Why You Might Dream of This Article (or Me!)

One of the fascinating aspects of dream science is the power of suggestion.

By engaging with specific content, like reading about a topic or watching a film, we increase its prominence in our subconscious mind.

Drawing from personal experience, I've been told by numerous lucid dream students and followers of my YouTube channel that I've appeared in their dreams.

It's certainly an odd experience to discover that complete strangers from around the world have had profound and utterly convincing dream interactions with me.

It takes the concept of parasocial relationships to a new level... perhaps it's time to coin the term oneirosocial (oneiro: the Greek word for dreams)

Daniel Love Lucid Dream Teacher
Daniel Love - Lucid Dreaming Teacher

In these mini versions of the Dream Scenario plot, the dream narratives often revolve around me offering dream guidance or helping the dreamer to control the dream, a somewhat predictable outcome for a well-known lucid dream teacher. This suggests that our conscious engagement with specific themes or figures can easily take seed in our subconscious dream world.


The Infinite Landscape of Dreams

"Dream Scenario" offers more than cinematic entertainment. It serves as a reminder, encouraging us to explore the fascinating world of dreams.

While the film amplifies the concept for dramatic effect, the underlying idea isn't too far from reality; our dreams really are easily influenced by real-world figures and events.

Explore the world of lucid dreams

As we navigate our interconnected digital world, the lines between personal and collective dream experiences might start to blur, as more of us share the same viral content - making each night's journey into the dream world an adventure that may be shared by others.

And on that note, as you drift off to sleep tonight and journey into the realm of dreams, remember our discussion here and don't be surprised by who you might encounter.

I'll see you tonight, in your dreams...


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