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Dream Guides - A Bite-Size Introduction

What is a dream guide? Learn the bite-size basics of dream guides in our regular series offering lucid dreaming tips in 1 minute. Watch the video below.

Prefer to read? Video transcript Dream guides are a popular and controversial topic among those interested in the exploration of the dream world.

A dream guide, in concept, is any character in your dreams that offers advice and guidance, generally in the form of personal and spiritual insights alongside knowledge of the dreamworld.

Normally, these characters are recurring; appearing in multiple dreams. Many claim their guides have been a lifelong fixture in their nocturnal adventures.

They are often significantly more lucid than the majority of dream characters, demonstrating complex personalities, memories of previous dreams, and seemingly the spark of sentience.

Guide's raise deep questions about the nature of dreams.

Are they a form of biological artificial intelligence?

A representation of psychological processes?

Or do they raise even deeper questions regarding the very nature of reality itself?

Dream guides represent a mystery of the human mind. They are a fascinating aspect of the dream world to explore.

So, the next time you're lucid, search for a dream guide - Who knows what you'll discover...


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