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Craghoppers Trouserless Nightmare - Dream Interpretation.

For those who enjoy a little old-fashioned dream analysis, I'll be collaborating with outdoor clothing specialists, Craghoppers, for their "Trouserless Nightmare" advertising campaign. I'll be acting as their official "dream interpreter" for the duration of the campaign.

Those of you familiar with my work will known that I consider dream interpretation to be a somewhat speculative and whimsical aspect of oneirology. However, the question, "What did my dream mean?" often acts as the first port of call for those developing an interest in dreaming and a doorway towards the discovery of lucid dreaming. It's also a fascinating insight into the poetic nature of the human imagination.

Indeed, I consider dream interpretation something akin to the appreciation and analysis of art or poetry—a subjective and speculative exploration of ideas, creativity and connections. It feels a little like meandering through neural forests hunting for patterns and archetypes. While it's unlikely that our dreams are sending us encoded messages in need of deciphering, we can certainly gather interesting information on the workings of the mind and our personal and social mental schemas.

It's also just a whole lot of fun, we humans have been doing this since the dawn of time!

I hope that my involvement in the project helps direct those new to dream exploration away from a superstitious relationship with dreaming towards a discovery of the true wonders of the dreaming mind.

To submit your own dream for analysis visit the Craghoppers blog here: VISIT THE CRAGHOPPERS BLOG


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