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Anamnesis | The Amazing Sci-Fi Series About Lucid Dreaming | Watch In Full

Watch the fantastic lucid dream inspired sci-fi series Anamnesis in full.

Back in 2013 I was fortunate enough to work as dream-science consultant for the wonderful Finite Films, the team behind Anamnesis — the unique sci-fi series centred around the experience of lucid dreaming.

My role was to keep the series as true to the genuine experience of a lucid dream as possible (with wiggle room for artistic expression of course). Throughout the series you'll spot all manner of "Easter eggs" that only those experienced lucid dreamer will understand. It's a fantastic series which sadly never made it to a second season. Even so, it's a rare gem that every lucid dreamer should watch.

Watch it in full below. (A combined run time of 91 minutes.)


The Prologue
The original short film


- Episodes -


Episode 01

Hannah is unsettled by a violent dream about her boyfriend Adam. Noah has a strange encounter on the beach.


Episode 02

Sean’s waking life can’t compare to the freedom of his lucid dreams. Hannah confides in her therapist. Noah’s sense of reality begins to unravel.


Episode 03

Sean fantasizes about Hannah in his lucid dreams. Detective Isaac Sterling pays Vera an unwelcome visit.


Episode 04

Vera takes the detective’s investigation into her own hands. Sean searches for Noah in the dream world.


Episode 05 - Finale

Vera’s recurring nightmares get worse. Sean and Hannah find answers in their waking lives. Noah makes a startling decision.



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