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Impossible Movement Practice (IMP)

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The Impossible Movement Practice (IMP) is a simple method that is designed to work in tandem with WBTB.


IMP is designed to aid the transition between waking and dreaming and, as such, is a technique for inducing WILDs only.


It is to be initiated at the point of returning to bed during WBTB, but could also be used at the start of a nap or as a stand-alone technique should you have awoken and the chances of returning to REM be high.

The Technique

Once you have returned to bed during a WBTB, and have assumed the position in which you are likely to fall asleep (ideally lying on your back), you need to establish any physical movements that would be impossible to perform in your current position.

For example, should your hand be flat beneath your head, it would be physically impossible to form a clenched fist. There are countless variations possible here; you just have to decide which position you wish to lie in.

Subtle and easily imagined movements are best, hand movements are ideal; however, larger movements, such as the bending of your arms or legs, are simple enough to imagine to be effective. The best choices are those movements that are completely restricted, either by another part of your body, or the bed itself prohibiting the action. 

Hand and finger movements are by far the easiest.


Once you have made your choice, you now need to continue to imagine the impossible movement repeated over and over.

Continue to repeat this process as you fall back to sleep.

What you should eventually experience is the imagined sensation suddenly shifts to a completely realistic and tangible tactile experience; it will really feel as if you have moved in this way.


Once this occurs, and the transition between your physical and dream body has happened, you are dreaming.

It is now simply a matter of (leading with the body part that you have just moved) pulling yourself out of the dream representation of your bed.



Daniel Love

Skill Level:


Lucid Dream Type:

Maintained Awareness (WILD)

(anecdotal & community reported)


Sense preference suited:


Hints & Tips:

  • Can be performed in a wide variety of pre-dream sleep scenarios (although WBTB is perhaps the best).

  • Creates a smooth transition between waking and dreaming can lead to very high level awareness in your resulting lucid dream.

  • IMP is an easy technique to perform on a nightly basis, it is a great addition to the DEILD process. 

  • Further information can be found in Are You Dreaming and via our video tutorial.


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