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Sleep Cycle Tracker for Lucid Dreaming (Video) - with WBTB Alarm

Sleep Cycle Tracker for Lucid Dreaming (Video) - with WBTB Alarm

Track and map your sleep cycle to help improve your chances of lucid dreaming with this lucid dreaming sleep tracker and mapper. Includes an optional Wake Back To Bed (WBTB) alarms.

This sleep tracker video is optimized for use on mobile devices, for those who prefer to use this tool away from WiFi or YouTube.

File Type: ZIP (Video: MP4)

Size: 686mb

Playtime: 9 Hours

All lucid dreamers should understand the patterns of their own sleep cycle. This tool helps you to map and learn about your own sleep cycle.

👁️‍🗨️To be played all night during sleep. Start the video at the moment you settle for sleep.
🎧 Turn volume OFF for sleep cycle mapping only.
🎧 Leave volume ON for WBTB and Love Method alarms.

Ideal for use with the Love Method for lucid dream induction or for a standard WBTB or WILD attempt.

Learn to lucid dream with this useful tool to help you to map your own unique sleep cycle.

Play this video throughout the night, so if you wake from sleep you can assess if your sleep matches the "standard" sleep cycle. If you wake during the night, record and establish if your personal sleep cycle matches the predicted stages.


💤 NREM 1 - Poor or fuzzy dream recall. Feels like you've woken from deep thought. Possible hypnagogia or hypnopompia.
💤 NREM 2 - Dream recall is fuzzy or unlikely. Feels like you've woken from thoughtless sleep. Possible hypnagogia or hypnopompia.
💤 NREM 3 (deep sleep) - Waking from this stage is unlikely. If you do wake from this stage you will feel unpleasantly groggy, as you were previously deeply unconscious.
💤 REM (dreaming sleep)- Very high dream recall. You have woken directly from dreaming. Feels like you've "stepped between worlds". This is the most likely stage of sleep from which to awaken. If you woke naturally, it is likely you are a the end of the REM cycle if you felt jolted awake, either from an outside distraction or an emotional dream, you could be anywhere within the REM phase.

Video includes:


- Sleep timer

- Sleep tracker

- Sleep stage descriptions: NREM 1, NREM 2, NREM 3 (deep sleep), REM,

- WBTB and Love Method Alarm
- Next WBTB timer and quality
- Lucid dream probability Use as an aid to help create a more meaningful and useful dataset for your dream journal. Designed and introduced by professional lucid dream researcher and author, Daniel Love, The Lucid Guide.

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