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Lucid Dream Music

If you're interested in learning how to lucid dream, you've probably wondered if lucid dreams can be used to enhance creativity, compose music, or explore artistic endeavours. The simple answer is yes!

Dreams and lucid dreaming have been a well-spring of inspiration for musicians, artists, poets, and even scientists, throughout history.

Lucid Dream Music- Real Versus Fake

When searching websites such as YouTube or Spotify for lucid dream music, you've likely stumbled across endless recordings that claim to induce lucid dreams through the use of binaural beats (heads-up: these recordings are pseudoscientific nonsense and do not work), but it's unlikely that you've heard music that has been composed inside of a lucid dream.

Unlike the ambient pseudoscience lucid dream induction tracks rampant on YouTube, if you search carefully, you'll find examples of genuine dream creativity, where artists and musicians have used their dreams to explore their art.

The experience of hearing music from another world, the dimension of dreams, raises questions regarding the nature of the mind and expands the boundaries of human creativity.

Examples of Lucid Dream Music

Today we'll share three examples of music that was composed in the dream world and recreated by lucid dreaming teacher and artist, Daniel Love.

Ranging from ambient classical music, to more abstract electronica, the examples below were all uniquely composed in a different dimension, in the universe of dreams!

So if you're looking for a little ear-candy from another world, grab your headphones and let's delve into the sound of dreamland.


Storm Spirit - Lucid Dream Music

Storm Spirit is an ambient track that was inspired by a musical phrase heard within a lucid dream.

It represents a more simplistic approach to lucid dream music composition and creativity, as rather than attempt to perfectly recreate a complete tune heard within a dream, it takes a simple musical phrase that occurred during the dream and then builds upon it during waking composition. It then weaves this into a soundscape that attempts to capture the mood and landscape of the dream.


My Android Bride/Future Mind

This represent an attempt to fully recreate a tune that occurred organically during a lucid dream, the dream in question was titled "My Android Bride". The composition itself appeared complete within the dream and took several weeks to recreate in the waking world.

The dream, set in a futuristic apartment, focused around a telepathic interaction between the dreamer and a cybernetic lifeform, resulting in an almost DMT style multi-sensory experience which included this track.

The accompanying video is also an attempt to capture the visual elements of this almost hypnagogic "telepathic" dream experience.


Space Beacon

Originally name "Space Bacon", due to the strange pig-like aliens that inhabited this strange sci-fi dreamscape (but renamed to "Space Beacon" to minimize silliness) this track represents a hybrid between a direct duplicate of a tune composed within a dream, and a creative interpretation of the dream itself. The dream was spent on-board an alien star-ship, with a strange race of somewhat inebriated pig like aliens (the music reflects some of the sounds made by this strange race of creatures). The dream involved exploring a very relaxed alien spacecraft as it zoomed through space and came to settle in orbit around a strange turquoise planet.


Lucid Dream Creativity

As you can see, lucid dreaming can be more than playful escapism or a nocturnal curiosity, and allows those with an artistic streak a chance to explore the creative potential of "nature's virtual reality". Lucid dreaming offers the dreamer direct access to the untethered imagination of the dreaming mind.

If you're an artist, musician, or writer looking for a powerful and novel means to kick-start your creativity, lucid dreaming gives you the chance to explore the dreaming mind and bring a little bit of the dream world back with you!

So, next time you head to bed, be sure to keep a voice recorder or notepad to hand, as you never know what new inspiration your lucid dreams may bring.




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