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Visual Induction of Lucid Dreams (VILD)

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The Visual Induction of Lucid Dreaming (VILD) is a minor adaption to the MILD technique.

Whereas the MILD technique requires one to visualize an edited version of a previous dream, VILD works with an entirely fictional imagined dreamscape that has been prepared in advance. 

Other than this one minor difference the technique is essentially the same process. As with MILD it is ideally suited to those with a strong ability to visualize.

VILD is essentially a structured approach to dream incubation. 

The Technique

1) During a natural awakening in the night or after performing the WBTB technique, relax and prepare to return to sleep.

2) Visualize a detailed but simple scene including a reality check, a "target dream", which you have prepared earlier. Ideally aim for a simple and familiar scene, something that is easy to imagine. 

An example of a such a prepared scene is as follows:

I am standing in the kitchen. A friend asks me to show them what a reality check is. I demonstrate a reality check (which cues me to realize I am dreaming), I tell them that I am dreaming, and head towards the door.

3) Make sure you have fully prepared all the details of the visualization: which friend, the exact words they say, and which reality checks you perform. Reality checks that require no props, such as the nose pinch test, are recommended.

4) Slowly visualize the dream three times, to fully prepare each detail. Then, increase the intensity, and continue to visualize the dream over and over. You should visualize the dream from a first person perspective.

5) If you find your thoughts drifting, ignore them and continue to visualize the dream continuously. You will need patience for this — don't just give up if you think it won't work.

6) Continue this process until you these imaginings become a full fledged dream, at which point the included reality check will cue you to become lucid. 


Peter Harrison ("Pedro" - LD4ALL)

Skill Level:


Lucid Dream Type:

Regained & Maintained (DILD & WILD)

(anecdotal & community reported)


Sense preference suited:


Hints & Tips:

  • VILD requires a strong degree of focus, repetition, and a powerful visual imagination. It is not suitable for those who struggle in these regards. 

  • Be sure to choose a familiar environment for your imagined scene, your bedroom is an ideal candidate. 

  • Keep the scene short and simple.


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