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Third Eye Method aka Chakra Technique

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The third eye method for lucid dreaming is also referred to as the Chakra technique.


Unreliable sources for lucid dream education often refer to this as a "traditional method", however, in reality, it is a modern invention piggybacking off ancient Hindu spiritual concepts. 


There is some truth that lucid dreaming has been mentioned in Hindu teachings, the Upanishads and the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra being the prime examples. However, there is no compelling evidence for the "third eye method" existing for these purposes outside of 20th and 21st centuries new-age texts and websites. 

In reality, the chakra technique barely counts as a technique at all and is only included in this list as a warning against these kinds of pseudo-lucid-dream techniques. 


It is nothing more than a poor combination of already established techniques (WBTB and focus induced WILDs) with a spiritual concept poorly shoehorned into the mix. 


I would not recommend this technique at all and would advise that if you find teachers or sites sharing this as a legitimate lucid dream induction method, it should act as a red flag that they are at best, wildly misinformed, and at worst, charlatans. Whatever the case, such sites and teachers should be avoided for their poor judgement and inability to discern fact from fiction.

The Technique

1) Go to bed and relax.

Most proponents of this pseudo-technique suggest that you have to focus entirely on your third eye chakra. Of course, this makes the wildly unscientific assumption of the existence of chakras or the third eye, for which there is absolutely no meaningful evidence whatsoever.

2) While falling asleep, attempt to visualize that you have a lucid dream.

Essentially the idea is to "wish" that you'll have a lucid dream. 


While intention and visualization are valid techniques in themselves, the fact that this "technique" involves unnecessary pseudo-spiritual steps renders it worthy of ignoring. 

3) Focus

Proponents suggest concentrating completely on your third eye as well as your breathing.


Of course, any focal point when returning to sleep is vital for inducing a WILD. However, it can be a little tricky to focus on something that doesn't exist!

In reality they are requesting you either fall asleep with eyes-crossed, or focusing on a point between your eyebrows, which is technically the prefrontal cortex. This is rather amusing and self-contradictory as normally these new-age believers assume the pineal gland is the "third eye", and that is found deeper within the brain. 


4) Magical Third Eye Goblins


Magical third eye goblins or some other kind of mystical twaddle occurs. The reasoning behind this technique is never explained fully by its proponents, although terms like "energy" are often thrown about.


Frankly, it may as well be magical goblins, because their existence is equally nonsensical. 


5) Profit


New-age teachers and click-bait sites earn their dishonest money from your wasted time. Lucidity never comes. Precious hours of your life are wasted. 

If you're lucky and you DO attain lucidity when using this "technique", please remember this is due to your own power of attention and the principles behind WBTB and mental focus.


It has absolutely nothing to do with an imagined and make-believe "third eye".



Skill Level:


Lucid Dream Type:

Regained awareness (DILD)

(anecdotal & community reported)

Ineffective/Very Low

Sense preference suited:


Hints & Tips:

The only valid tips for this technique are as follows:

Don't waste your time.

Distrust those who promote it as valid.

Consider it as a useful tool for separating bad lucid dream sources from good. In other words, if sites or teachers share this technique as a valid means for inducing a lucid dream, they have signaled that they are a poor quality source, or worse, they are outright charlatans.  


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