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Finger/Focus Induced Lucid Dream (FILD)

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The FILD technique is a popular Wake Initiated Lucid Dream induction technique. created within the lucid dreaming community. 

It originates from the popular and long-lived LD4ALL forums. Originally named Hargart's Induced Lucid Dream HILD (after its creator, "Hargarts", it rapidly became known by its more descriptive title as "Finger Induced Lucid Dream" (FILD).

It's a simple technique that is easy to experiment with. It is best used following the Wake Back To Bed technique

However, personally I am not a fan of the FILD technique and feel that FILD should be renamed the "FOCUS Induced Lucid Dream", as the point of focus is entirely aribtrary - focusing on your fingers could just as easily be replaced with any other point of focus. 

For a full video tutorial please CLICK HERE

The Technique

FILD (formally known as HILD) is a WILD induction technique, invented by Hagarts from the LD4ALL forum.

In order to perform FILD, you first have to wake up at a time when you'll be tired enough fall to sleep again (WBTB), for most people this is 4 to 5 hours after you have gone to bed. This is also when you will most likely awake from a REM phase. Relaxation is vital when performing this technique.

  1. Start moving your index finger and your middle finger up and down repeatedly as if you were playing two keys on a piano. Do this for 30 seconds. Do not count the seconds in your head or out loud, just estimate how long its been. Tell yourself that you are going to do a nose pinch reality check while you are moving your fingers.

  2. After the estimated 30 seconds you will then stop moving your finger and do a nose pinch reality check and, if you are able to breathe through your pinched nose, then you are dreaming! If you can't breathe then you are still in waking reality.

  3. If you discover that you are not dreaming, then just wait for a few moments then repeat steps one and two. Continue to perform these steps until you enter a lucid dream, or become too sleepy to continue.


Hagarts (LD4ALL)

Skill Level:


Lucid Dream Type:

Maintained Awareness (WILD)

(anecdotal & community reported)


Sense preference suited:


Hints & Tips:

The Finger Induced Lucid Dreaming technique (FILD) is a popular WILD induction technique born and tested within the lucid dreaming community. 

However I believe it is unnecassarily specific and should instead be called the Focus Induced Lucid Dream.

Despite this, reports suggest that it is a reasonably effective technique for many lucid dreamers. 

FILD is best used following a natural awakening during the night, or following a Wake Back To Bed session (WBTB)—ideally after four to five hours of sleep. 

While there is no discernible explanation for why focusing on one's fingers should be any more effective than any other point of focus, it is likely that the combination of bodily awareness and reality checks helps the dreamer increase awareness of any potential transition into the dream body, while also remembering to question their state. It may also be possible that maintaining focus on a physical sensation engages areas of the brain responsible for lucidity (speculation).

FILD is a simple technique but a prime example of how the lucid community can often become too quick to classify something as a technique. 

It would make more sens for FILD to be renamed as the FOCUS Induced Lucid Dream, as focusing on one's fingers is entirely arbitrary and is an irrelevant element of the technique—any object of focus would be equally effective.


On the surface FILD appears to share similarities to the IMP technique — however, IMP is designed on an entirely different premise. IMP is more highly recommended due to its less invasive and more rational approach.


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