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Dream Stabilization

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Dream stabilization is a core technique for avoiding premature awakening and to allow the dreamer to lengthen a lucid dream.

It is not an induction technique but rather a means to avoid waking up too early.

Often those new to lucid dreaming suffer from short lucid dreams—a very frustrating experience after investing a great deal of energy into getting there!

Dream stabilization allows the dreamer to stay inside the dream should they notice the dream fading.

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The Technique

1. Remain mindful. During your lucid dream remain mindful of the clarity of the dream.  Should you feel the dream fading, either visually or in any other sense, move to step 2.

2. Engage with the dream. If you feel as if you are close to waking, especially if the visual sense of the dream is fading, start to engage with the dream with all your senses. Sing, shout, dance, spin, touch the environment, do whatever it takes to stay engaged with the dream scenery. One of the most popular techniques is to spin around within the dream.

3. Continue the dream. If all goes to plan you should find the dream stabilizes around you. However, be careful, often dream stabilization techniques will result in a false awakening—a dream in which you believe you have woken up. Therefore, always remember to perform a reality check whenever you feel you have woken up!



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Hints & Tips:

  • Get creative, try to engage with the dream with all your senses. There is no "right way" to do this, so be imaginative. 

  • Remember that the idea is to involve yourself fully in the dream space. This is in order to avoid your physical senses becoming the more dominant force and pulling you into wakefulness.

  • There are reports that rapidly moving your eyes within the dream can help maintain the dream. 

  • Avoid staying still. Lack of activity within the dream will increase your chances of waking.

  • Remember to reality check if you believe you've woken up. Don't be fooled by a false awakening—a dream in which you believe that you have woken up.

Learn more with our video tutorial here


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