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Crystals for Lucid Dreaming

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The concept of using "healing" crystals to help induce lucid dreams regularly crops up on the more esoteric corners of the web and in books that ignore the importance of empirical evidence.

While many genuinely believe in the magical properties of crystals, there remains absolutely no evidence, nor any convincingly outlined mechanism, to explain how inert rocks and minerals would exert such a precise influence over complex biological and psychological mechanisms.   

Personal beliefs and anecdotal accounts remain the sole justification for all claims made regarding the use of crystals. 

The use of crystals to influence psychological or physical states remains firmly in the realm of pseudo-science.

The Technique

The claim is that many crystals help with lucid dreaming, dream recall, and vividness. There is no evidence that supports these claims. 

The particular crystals suggested vary widely depending on who is making the claims and their motivations behind making them.

A quick web search suggests crystals as varied as: stichtite, phenacite, scolecite, ametrine, moldavite, lepidolite, azurite, quartz , and amethyst 

While there is occasional consensus among practitioners of crystal healing, the logic behind the use of such crystals remains conveniently vague (raising questions such as how a crystal claimed useful for multiple purposes will know whether you are using it for lucid dreaming or to deal with a bladder issue).

Generally the technique goes something along these lines:

1. Spend your money on colourful rocks. 

2. Carry or place them under your pillow.

3. *undefined magic occurs*

4. Lucid dreams. 

While crystals and minerals are certainly absolutely beautiful, inspiring, and a testament to the beauty of the universe in which we live (I for one own several and in particular love the dreamlike shifting colours of labradorite). It remains unethical to make claims about their use in treating or influencing physical or psychological states. 



Skill Level:

No Skill Required

Lucid Dream Type:


(anecdotal & community reported)


Sense preference suited:


Hints & Tips:

  • Consider the devastating environmental impact that the popularity of crystals has on our natural environment. The mining, transport and sale of crystals is a hugely profitable international business with a significant impact on the environment and local communities. The large scale mining of crystals creates huge scars in the earth, irreversible damage to natural environments, and creates a great deal of chemical runoff. 

  • It is almost certain that any influence you've personally experienced when using crystals is the result of placebo—the power of your own mind.

  • Test the effectiveness yourself. If you already own crystals, have a friend secretly place individual crystals with different "properties" under your pillow each night. Do the crystals claimed to have "lucid dream properties" still influence your dreams when you are not aware that it is they that have been chosen?


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