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WILD CAT is a variation on the Cycle Adjustment Technique (CAT), we recommend reading the full CAT tutorial first. 

Unlike CAT, WILD CAT is designed to promote and induce Wake Initiated Lucid Dreams.

Designed by Daniel Love, WILD CAT is one of the most effective techniques for inducing long and stable Wake Initiated Lucid Dreams.


However, both CAT and WILD CAT require adherence to a strict schedule, they are therefore not suitable for those with varied schedules. Any divergence from the sleep schedule will have a profoundly negative impact its effectiveness.  

Both CAT and WILD CAT are best suited for those in full time work or study.

The Technique


Set your alarm clock to 90 minutes before your normal wake-up time. Do this every day for one week to reset your body clock.

As a result, WILD CAT will not give you any lucid dreams in the first week.


From day 8, alternate your wake-up time by 90 minutes on a daily basis: normal, early, normal, early, and so on.

However, unlike the standard Cycle Adjustment Technique, with WILD CAT you will wake at the earlier time on all days

On the early days, simply get up and start your day.

On the days with a normal wake time, wake up at the earlier time, stay awake for 5-10 minutes, then return to bed to continue your sleep until your later wake time. 

The idea is to attempt to induce a Wake Initiated Lucid Dream on the days you are able to return to sleep until your normal waking time.

Use a WILD induction technique such as IMP on the normal days.


Daniel Love

Skill Level:


Lucid Dream Type:

Maintained Awareness (WILD)

(anecdotal & community reported)


Sense preference suited:


Hints & Tips:

WILD CAT is perfect for those with a strict schedule who cannot incorporate more disruptive lucid dream techniques into their life.


This is an especially effective technique that can generate multiple Wake Initiated Lucid Dreams each week.


WILD CAT is a form of structured WBTB, targeting the longest REM period of the night. The lucid dreams generated by WILD CAT are some of the longest and most potent possible.


Wake Initiated Lucid Dreams are an incredibly intense experience, be prepared for some fascinating experiences. 


The dreams generated by WILD CAT often start in your bedroom, so be careful not to fall victim to a false awakening. 

It is vital for you to stick to the schedule in order for WILD CAT to work. If you diverge from the schedule you will need to start again from Step 1. 

On normal days it is acceptable to sleep beyond your normal wake times. Indeed, on some occasions this can increase your success. 


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