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Lucid: The Tao of Dreaming - SIGNED HARDBACK - Very Limited Edition

Lucid: The Tao of Dreaming - SIGNED HARDBACK - Very Limited Edition

Very rare SIGNED limited first edition hardback copy of Lucid: The Tao of Dreaming.

Includes a FREE custom message, handwritten by the author! (Optional)

These are the last few remaining copies of a very limited run.


With only 45 hardback copies ever printed, and only a handful remaining, once these are gone, they're gone forever! 


Get yourself a rare, collectable first edition — a piece of lucid dreaming history!  


Each book is numbered and signed by the author, Daniel Love.


About Lucid: The Tao of Dreaming


Lucidity through simplicity.

Calling on the principles of Zen, Taoism, minimalism and oneirology, expert lucid dream and consciousness researcher Daniel Love takes you on a personal journey into the deeper practices of lucid dreaming and lucid living.

Acting as a philosophical counterpart to bestselling lucid dream guidebook, 'Are You Dreaming?', 'Lucid: The Tao of Dreaming' is an enchiridion of unique insights exploring the journey of lucid dreaming and the many ways in which it may enhance and enlighten one's waking life.

Sitting somewhere between philosophy and art, 'Lucid' offers the serious practitioner of lucid living a series of distilled meditations or "mind-seeds" designed to take root in the soil of your own awareness.



  • Very Limited Edition (a run of only 45)
  • First Edition
  • Signed and numbered by the author
  • 104 Pages
  • Hardback - blue canvas hardback with embossed gold title and a black ribbon bookmark


  • Returns, Refunds & Replacement

    Returns: Due to their collectable and rare nature, limited edition items are not eligible for return. Please be certain before making a purchase. 

    Refunds: Items lost or damaged in the post will be eligible for refund. Evidence of damage or loss will be required. 

    Replacement: Due to limited quanity, limited edition items are not eligible for replacement.

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