What Your Emotions Really Mean

Today we’re going to venture into new territory and explore an aspect of the human mind familiar to us all, namely Emotions.

We’ll be exploring what your emotions mean and how best to deal with the ever changing landscape of human feelings.


Hello, Everyone, I’m Daniel Love, The Lucid Guide.

Today we’re going to venture into new territory and explore an aspect of the human mind familiar to us all, namely Emotions.

We’ll be exploring what your emotions mean and how best to deal with the ever changing landscape of human feelings.

Human emotions shape our world, be it art, wars, culture or the shifting events of our day-to-day lives, feelings are everywhere and form the basis of many of our experiences.

Yet, for many of us, our emotions remain a mystery, while they orchestrate the choices and direction of our lives, few of us would be able to claim any mastery over our feelings.

One of the reasons for this is a skewed relationship to them, in general most people consider their emotions as something solid, something tangible - almost as if they are a destination that has been reached.

We use language such as “In Love” or “filled with anger”, and generally operate as if our feelings are something that happen to us - we’ll say “I’m happy” or “She’s jealous”.

A more healthy and practical approach is to reframe our relationship with our emotions.

Importantly, the first step is to reassess our perspective. For the rest of the animal kingdom, we have another word for emotions - Instincts - and this change of terminology helps us to consider the emotions of other creatures in a more objective and realistic manner. We see them for what they are, hormonally triggered responses. Biological programming.

Although this may all seem too clinical for the deep and complex passions of humans, one thing is shared - the biological basis of our feelings.

With this in mind, it’s important to consider our feelings as something other than state or destination that is reached - one doesn’t “find love” or “get upset” - instead it is better to consider your feelings as signposts, useful guides that reflect your current position in regards to the inherent drives and goals that nature has programmed within us.

Emotions, like real world signs, are signifiers - they can act as rewards, warnings, information transfer tools and guidance. It’s important to remember that they reflect your life's circumstance, they a not the circumstance.

Importantly, as with any signpost, an emotion is just a suggestion, one doesn’t need to follow its directions.

For example, happiness is generally a sign that one is following a healthy and rewarding path. Sadness, the opposite. When one feels sad, rather than consider it a destination, consider it a nudge to move your life in a new direction.

Another useful analogy for emotions is that of light. Imagine the very varied moods that can be achieved in any room by a simple act of changing the lighting. From bright and airy daylight, dark and sinister, romantic candle light, or the excitement of flashing disco lights. In all cases, the physical properties of the room do not change, yet the lighting draws attention to, or away from, certain aspects. Emotions are the lighting of the mind - be you sad, happy, in love, or angry - the world has not changed - only the perspective caused due to the light cast by your emotions.

Using this simple reframing of your relationship with emotions can be a hugely freeing experience. Rather than being a slave to one’s emotions, it allows you to see them as the helpful signposts that they are. Emotions are not a destination, they’re not a place you are trapped within, nor do you have to submit to their power - they are a natural hint, a signpost, that if heeded - can help you navigate to a healthier and more fulfilled life.

So, the next time you’re overwhelmed by a feeling - remind yourself that it is a message, a sign. And you can choose to pay attention to it or not. You can also use it to reassess your current circumstances and decide if your life choices are moving you in the direction you’d like.

Remember emotions are not a destination, they are guiding scenery, the spices of life, that, when viewed as helpful tools, will aid you in your adventure through this world

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I’m Daniel Love, The Lucid Guide, and until next time sweet dreams.


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