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The Anchor Technique for WILDs - Video Tutorial - [Bite Size]

Discover the "Anchor" technique. This easy lucid dreaming technique is a great way to induce a Wake Initiated Lucid Dream (WILD), or to influence the content of a Dream Initiated Lucid Dream (DILD).

Watch The Video Tutorial:

Prefer To Read? - Video Transcript: The Anchor Technique for Wake Initiated Lucid Dreams The Anchor Technique for lucid dreaming is a quick and simple means to induce a Wake Initiated Lucid Dream (WILD), it can also be an interesting experiment into the influence of sound on dream content.

As the name suggests, the Anchor Technique uses an auditory "anchor", a means by which the dreamer can attach their conscious to an external cue, to help retain, or remind one to return to, lucid awareness, as one falls into sleep.

The Technique

First one must choose an auditory cue. This could be something as simple as a ticking clock, to a more melodic and relaxing piece of music - ideally without lyrics.

When one is returning to sleep during a Wake Back to Bed attempt. One simply plays this piece of music on repeat, as one falls into sleep.

Then, attempt to "anchor" your conscious awareness to the music as you drift back into the dream world.

If the circumstances are favourable, one should quickly and lucidly reenter the dreaming state, and with anchors away, you can explore the ocean of dreams.


Credits: Article artwork by Beeple


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