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19 Day Lucid Dreaming Course - Learn How To Lucid Dream for BEGINNERS!

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

If you've been hunting Google looking for the best lucid dreaming course, and how to learn lucid dreaming, then you're in the right place.

If you've been looking to learn how to lucid dream, you've probably stumbled across the many websites offering online lucid dream courses, lucid dreaming bootcamps, and dream workshops. Generally, these courses come at a substantial cost - are they worth your money?

How do you choose a good lucid dreaming course and avoid the junk?

The Secrets of Lucid Dreaming

Many online lucid dream courses make similar promises, they lure you in with the tantalizing prospect of learning the hidden secrets of lucid dreaming.

Depending on the particular course, these may be the "lost" secrets of Buddhist masters, Dream Yoga, or simply the personal secrets of a self-styled "lucid dream master".

But the truth is, there is no secret key to lucid dreaming, and there are certainly no "lost lucid dreaming secrets" that can be easily "found" by opening your wallet.

The fundamentals of lucid dream training are incredibly simple. So simple in fact, that you could explain them to your granny.

And one thing is certain, nobody is in a position to make any guarantees or promises about their ability to offer you success in achieving a lucid dream.

Lucid dreaming is a very young subject, and is still not fully understood. Lucid dreaming is an unpredictable subject with unpredictable results.

Be it a 30 day lucid dreaming bootcamp, a 7 week free lucid dream course, or a plethora of courses in mindfulness, meditation, and other "vital" lucid dreaming skills, the fact is that what you are essentially purchasing is information that is already freely available - at best they offer a structured approach to learning, at worst they are little more than hype, false promises, and regurgitated information.

All that is really required to get started in your journey into lucid dreaming, is the understanding of some very basic principles, and a little focused effort.

Warning Signs to Look out For

There are certain warning signs that can help you avoid wasting your hard-earned cash.

If you're looking for a lucid dreaming course, there are certain red flags that can warn you that you're heading into a money-draining black hole...

  • Websites that present themselves as an "Academy" or "University", yet are not accredited to any educational board.

  • Promises of easy lucid dreams, weird hacks, or hidden secrets.

  • They offer "lucky" discounts with a countdown timer - attempting to force you to make an impulse purchase.

  • The teacher is a "jack of all trades" and offers many other "expert courses" in multiple other subjects (astral projection, mindfulness, shadow work, OBEs, manifestation, self-help etc.)

  • An excessive use of unnecessary jargon.

Honest Education

Of course, lucid dreaming teachers need to pay their bills, and not all lucid dreaming courses and products are designed to mislead or drain your wallet.

Structured courses, tuition, and workshops can be a great way to focus your intentions, overcome obstacles, and learn from an experienced lucid dreaming guide.

Here at The Lucid Guide we believe that it's important to be upfront about the reality of this subject. And that should start from the very first interaction.

If a lucid dreaming course, e-book, workshop, or teacher misleads students in their first interaction, namely the advert for their product, then just how trustworthy and reliable do you expect their lucid dreaming course to be?

The simple fact is, that for those with the motivation, the skills of lucid dreaming can be developed without ever spending a cent.

BEGINNER Lucid Dreaming Course

The Lucid Guide has always strived to share the wonders of lucid dream education as freely as possible.

We offer books and lucid dreaming tuition in order to give you the tools to explore this subject in depth. But, these products are entirely optional and are best suited for those who really want to immerse themselves in the subject, are struggling, or prefer a personal tailored approach.

With that in mind, we're happy to announce an no-nonsense and VERY affordable

This series of video lectures will offer you a jargon free and structured approach to learning the basic principles required to learn how to lucid dream.

At only £4.99 (via a YouTube channel membership), you'll get 19 days (plus two bonus lessons!) of structured lucid dreaming training, from one of the world's leading lucid dreaming teachers.

With this knowledge, and by employing a few simple psychological tools, you'll be in a position to start the wonderful journey of investigating and exploring lucid dreams on your own terms, crafting your very-own unique adventure into the dream world...

Immediately jump into the lucid dreaming course using the button below.

The first three lessons are FREE!

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