Lucid Dream SEX - Lucid Dreaming Tips in One Minute.

Just how sexy are your dreams?

Today we'll explore the ever appealing topic of lucid dream sex.

Can our sexuality influence our dreams? Can sex can be used as a means to increase your lucid dreams?

Let's take a peek...

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Video Transcript

It's no secret that the allure of consequence-free sexual experimentation is one of the popular motivations that draw many towards lucid dreaming.

Indeed, the natural virtual reality of the dream world really can allow for all manner of fantasy fulfilment.

However, it is rarely mentioned that sexual dreams are an advanced form of dream control, and are generally unsuitable for beginners, as the intensity of the experience will often result in lost lucidity or an awakening.

Dreams of sex are best explored by experienced lucid dreamers who have already mastered the basics.

However, sex itself can act as a useful means to initiate a lucid dream.

Both sexes experience the physical changes associated with sexual arousal during dreaming sleep and therefore, dreams are firmly connected to sexuality.

As strange as it may sound, using any daytime sexual arousal as a cue to perform a reality check, is a great way to quickly transfer this habit into the dream state.

So, the next time you're feeling a little frisky, take a moment to check your reality, who knows, you may well be dreaming.


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