Expanding The Lucid Guide (Channel)

As some of you are aware, since the outset The Lucid Guide was designed as a means to act as a "lucid dreamer's guide to the cosmos".

Over the past few years I've given this a LOT of thought (seriously, it has become something of a never ending itch).

As such, I've come to a few conclusions:

  1. In order to bring lucid dreaming/thinking to the widest possible audience, the act of being a "lucid dreaming only" channel is a little like holding a funnel upside down (small tip at the top). It's only bringing attention to those who already know and care about lucid dreaming. The sensible thing to do is to turn the funnel right-side-up and not simply preach to the converted.  What does that mean? It means creating content on a wider series of (related) subjects, allowing the lucid dreaming content in the channel to reach a new audience drawn in by other topics.

  2. Lucid dreaming should act as a cherry on top of a rich and varied life. It is a tool, a means to use one's mind to explore other topics using the "virtual reality" of the mind. Therefore, banging-on only about lucid dreaming is a little like endlessly studying grammar while never writing a poem. It also means running the risk that every existing lucid dreaming channel has already fallen foul to: having to get really inventive in sharing a very limited amount of information in increasingly silly and excessively specific ways.

  3. My primary passion is life itself. This is fueled and enhanced by lucid dreaming, but in order to maintain a long-life in this field and in content creation, I need to share a passion for existence itself. This kind of passion and curiosity will always eventually lead to the discovery and love of fringe topics such as lucid dreaming.

  4. With the ever growing new-age and scammy side of lucid dreaming - I'm becoming less comfortable with describing myself solely as a "lucid dreaming teacher". It requires a good deal of explaining in order to not be categorized as "one of those loons". So, instead, by broadening the meaning of the "lucid" in "The Lucid Guide", to primarily refer to "clear thinking", I feel that we can bring lucid dreaming and critical lucid thinking to a much wider audience. Plus, I won't have to waste precious time arguing with irrational types. I'd far rather promote the topic by bringing it to a wider audience than arguing metaphysics.

So, what does this mean?

It means that from now on The Lucid Guide will expand its scope and reach. I'll be finally "getting my teeth into the cosmos".

All the usual content and services will still continue, expand, and grow, however, the branding and wording of things on social media and YouTube will be more along a science and philosophy theme.

The previous "Is Life a Simulation" video was the first of some of the new additional content that will make TLG a bigger and broader channel. For now, check out the brand new The Lucid Guide channel trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOIlPWVrV2s You'd all be doing the site and me a huge favour if you can share this video on social media and anywhere else you can. Please be lovely and do your bit!


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