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Lucid Dream Portal
Channel Rules

The following are the official rules for the Lucid Dream Portal YouTube channel. 

To maintain our respectful and constructive community, please abide by these guidelines. 

While they might seem like common sense to many, please familiarize yourself with them before engaging in the comments:

1. Respect for Creators and Moderators: Our team dedicates significant time and effort to this channel. We offer our expertise freely, so any disrespect towards us won't be tolerated. Consequences include a potential channel ban.

2. No Misinformation: Always ensure that your shared information is accurate. If you're unsure about something, it's okay to ask or clarify that you're uncertain.

3. Scientific Integrity: Only share scientifically backed data and claims. Pseudoscientific theories or misleading information aren't allowed.

4. Illegal Activities: Promotion or endorsement of any illegal acts, such as piracy or drug use, is strictly forbidden.

5. Be Kind and Respectful: Every community member deserves kindness and respect. Offensive language or abusive behaviour will be addressed immediately.

6. Stay Relevant: Engage in meaningful discussion related to the video or post content. Off-topic comments or irrelevant posts can be distracting.

7. Trolling is a No-No: We're serious about lucid dreaming, and while we enjoy some light-hearted fun, trolling or nonsensical comments will be removed.

8. Avoid Naming Other Creators or Their Content: To maintain focus, avoid mentioning other creators, channels, or brands unless they're explicitly referenced in our content. This includes both praise and criticism. Direct naming or strong implications are both against the rules. This channel stands on its own merit, and is distinct from the work of others.

9. No Self-Promotion: Promoting your own content, products, or services without prior approval is not allowed. We want to keep our comment section genuine and free from unsolicited advertisements.

10. Privacy Matters: For your safety and that of others, refrain from sharing personal information. This includes addresses, phone numbers, and other personal details. Additionally, respect the privacy of others.

11. Avoid Repetitive Comments: Please refrain from posting the same comment multiple times on a single video. It can clutter our community space.

12. Be Mindful of Sensitive Topics: Some subjects can be triggering or distressing. Please be thoughtful and avoid discussions on potentially sensitive issues like extreme violence, self-harm, or explicit content.

13. Comment Accountability: You are responsible for your words and actions in the comments. Think before you post and ensure your comment adds value to the conversation.

14. Comment Responses: We deeply appreciate your engagement and feedback. However, due to the sheer number of comments, we cannot respond to each one. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience. It's essential to remember that spamming comments or displaying rudeness due to unanswered queries isn't acceptable. We encourage you to connect with fellow Dreamers or utilize the video search function; you might just find the answers or insights you're after.

15. No Spoilers: Comments that contain spoilers, such as writing bullet points for the video ideas or summarizing the video, not only ruin the enjoyment of the video for others, but also hurt the channel. These comments will always be removed.


Not adhering to these guidelines could result in comment deletion or a loss of commenting privileges. Remember, these rules also align with YouTube's terms of service.

Feedback & Questions:

If you have concerns or questions about these rules, feel free to contact the team via the contact form on


Remember, our primary goal is to create a safe and inclusive space for everyone here. While our moderators do their best, we also rely on you, our community members, to uphold these values and report comments that violate our guidelines.

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