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Dreamscapes are audio tracks designed to be used during sleep to influence the theme and content of your dreams and aid in lucid dreaming. They can also be used for meditation, visualization, study, yoga, or journeying.  

• Designed with dreaming in mind, Dreamscapes mimick the natural patterns of the sleep cycle and last roughly 90 minutes (the length of a complete phase of the sleep cycle). 

• Carefully crafted by lucid dreaming guide and artist, Daniel Love, Dreamscapes contains audio elements designed to aid sleep, stimulate your dreaming mind, influence your dreaming landscape, and increase mindful awareness during sleep in order to induce a "lucid dream" (a dream in which one is aware one is dreaming). 

• Play Dreamscapes on loop throughout the night, or, ideally, wake up after 4-5 hours sleep, start the track, then return to bed to complete your night's sleep (this is known as the WBTB technique). 


Alien Forest cover art

(96 mins)


Explore a mysterious alien forest and discover the secrets it holds.


Alien Forest takes you on a Dreamscape journey into the depths of a strange and distant forest, shimmering with bizarre exotic life and otherworld technologies. 


Immerse yourself in a journey to the heart of the jungle and beyond. 


Dreamscapes tracks are designed to be used during sleep to influence the theme and content of your dreams. 

Support my work and download the MP3 track below. 

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