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Lucid dreaming is a wide and varied subject and it's always wise to learn from a wide range of sources. 

With that in mind, I've compiled below a list of websites and resources that I recommend as reputable sources for lucid dream content. 

Equally, there are far too many terrible resources that will waste your time and send you down a path that could seriously impact your lucid dream training, filling your mind with all manner of misinformation and bad advice. 

You'll find three categories: 

  • Good - These are quality lucid dream resources, they are highly recommended. 

  • Neutral - Mostly okay but with occasionally questionable content. 

  • Awful - Best avoided, these resources share information that could negatively impact your lucid dream training. 



This list is dynamic and updated via feedback. If a good resource starts to share poor quality or misleading information, it will be recategorized.  The following list has been peer-reviewed  to avoid any personal bias. 

GOOD LUCID DREAM RESOURCES: - The website of lucid dream researcher, Ryan Hurd. 

The Lucidity Institute - The home of pioneering lucid dream researcher, Stephen LaBerge.