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Counting Technique


The counting technique is possibly the easiest WILD induction technique available. Designed by Dr. Stephen LaBerge, this lucid dream induction technique requires no more than a dedicated mental focus as one falls into sleep. It is designed to be used during a WBTB attempt or a DEILD

Its simplicity is also its strength, allowing it to be performed spontaneously whenever the chance arises.

The Technique

During a WBTB or DEILD attempt, retain a relaxed bodily position, close your eyes, and start counting mentally: One – I am dreaming, two – I am dreaming, three – I am dreaming etc. until you enter the dream consciously (WILD).


Dr. Stephen LaBerge

Skill Level:


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Hints & Tips:

Combine the counting technique with a previously performed WBTB. As always, be prepared for a successful DILD instead if you drift into sleep before transitioning into the dream. It might also help to combine counting with the visualization of your favorite reality test.